January 31, 2009

How to make a Super Bowl Cake

First off; I scored a ton of free 3-D glasses at Target today which would have been the highlight of my Super Bowl prep had it not been for this cake!
Step One: Bake a Chocolate Cake; yes chocolate because it's the "dirt"
Step Two: Add grass - dye some white icing green; spread on and then add "textures" to give it the grassy look.
Step 3: Lay on Football - I just use a frosting piper to lay out the football and then spread together in the middle.
Step 4: Add Laces - Pipe on a some white icing for laces (note; laces should not get progressively bigger like mine do ;) )
Step 5: Lay out Field: Pipe on the parameters of the field; the end zones and the yard lines.
Step 6: EAT - sadly this step will have to wait till tomorrow


Grannie Annie said...

I wish I was going to have a piece..it looks might tasty! EnJOY!

Timbra said...

okay. . . TOTALLY cute!!! i'm really just not creative, particularly in the kitchen at the moment, but i think i might have to try a chocolate cake today. i might even be able to pull off the grass. . . . that will be about it though :) whatchya doin for the sb? thankfully this year we'll get to watch in english and though i'm a bit sick (a cold), i think there will be some snacks :) love ya

Heather said...

cute cake! am i supposed to know why you're excited about a bunch of 3D glasses?

Haley said...

Heather; some of the ads; or at least a movie trailer are going to be in 3-D during the Super Bowl; so I was all about getting my hands on some glasses; I found that Target was giving them way in sheets of 4 so I grabbed 12 sheets!

Timbra said...

mike was lucky enough to decide to go to target yesterday and able to snag some 3-d glasses, but i missed most of the ads (all 3) because i was busy looking for some other 3-d glasses that we had, because the target ones were hurting my eyes. . . i also made some mini super bowl cakes. . . i'll post them and give you all the credit!

Su said...

Very nice. We would like the SB a lot more if we had chocolate cake!

Heather said...

okay so i didn't get the whole 3D effect but the football guys doing ballet on the sobe commercial was super funny.

Mike and Lucy said...

Hey, just wanted to tell you Congrats on being an aunt again!!! I just caught up reading on Timbra's blog and wanted to say a belated congrats. I guess it is actually an early congrats since the baby isn't here yet! Do you have preferences...another niece or a nephew? Not that it matters, I guess! :)

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