February 2, 2009

Basketball a Contact Sport

Yes; you heard me right; I'm talking basketball here no football.  The football can wait, right now it's basketball time.

Last weekend; as in two weekends ago really, I went to watch Aden play in one of his basket ball games.  For those of you who don't know Aden; he's 5.  Can I just tell you that 5 year olds playing basketball is about the cutest thing on the planet.  No one really knows what they are doing or why, or which way to go, but they do it all with their whole heart.  Actually a few of the kids were really good and could probably out play me; basketball is not a sport I'm skilled in, never could figure out how to properly throw the ball.  Anyway, back to the point, Aden apparently believes that basketball is a contact sport, if you've got the ball you'd better watch out or you might get tackled!

They play four 8 minute quarters; and they give each of the kids a wrist band that correlates to a player on the other team who they should be guarding, a very smart idea really.  Aden played the second and forth quarter.  His corresponding player in the 4th quarter was apparently of the mindset that basketball was a contact sport as well because they were so involved in wrestling with each other, half the time, they weren't really concerned with what else was going on.  They kind of just wrestled up and down the court; it was super cute and really funny!  When Aden wasn't busy guarding his man; he made sure to be ready and waiting under the net incase the ball should come his way.  Did I mention that 5 year olds playing basketball is about the cutest thing ever??
Aden pumping himself up

He's on the Move

His 4th quarter wrestling buddy

My favorite picture

He takes his job under the next very seriously 

And of course little sister cheering him on 
After his game; we all went out for breakfast at the Purple Place.  Now, I'd never been to The Purple Place before; I always thought it was a bar, but they had really great food, and they gave the kids Wikki Sticks (spelling?)  I'm guessing most of you won't know what those are, but my family will, and you'll all be happy to know I taught them the art of the Wikki Stick glasses!

After breakfast we went back to their house to play a few rounds of PB&J and then the kids and I headed out to the movies to see Madagascar 2.  It was a really fun and playful day!


Timbra said...

okay DYING that aden is playing bball. . what a cutie!!! i didn't even know 5 year olds had bball teams. . . i think al will have to play asap, since her daddy is a hoosier and all. . . did i mention that the whole thing is SOOO cute!!!!?
wv: tiolihki (i don't have anything, except that i just thought this was a fun word)

Grannie Annie said...

Did you know we gave Alani Wiki Sticks for Christmas? HA!

Your favorite pic is my favorite pic...serious in only a way only a five year old can be.

Timbra said...

i pulings you back from the edge of sanity? you are so funny!!! i'm no longer on the edge . . . alani was having lots of complaints of joint aches and pains, her arms, later her knees, when we got home her toes. . . so i thought it was more than homeopathic teething pills could help with, had mom get some chewable children's tylenol. . . . that seemed to break her fever, help her joints, calm her teeth and allow a good nights rest! sanity restored. . . both feet on the ground, ready to hop old squirrel off to music together with grannie in a couple of hours wv: ditidamb- it's when you sing things that frustrate you! ( i know that kind of "damb" is really spelled with an "n"