January 17, 2009

The Left-Hander's Calendar

So; as most of you know (or now know!) I'm left-handed.  Something that has just always been, but in the recent years has become something I'm proud of and also a little bit of a joke with-in my family.  It's all my mom's fault really; a few years ago she bought me a book called "The Left-Hander's Handbook."  The book was full of fun random facts; but what I took most from it was to be a "liberated lefty," no longer would I be stuck in the corner against the wall or squished between two people feeling that I don't deserve my fair share of elbow space while eating just because I used my left hand!!  Boy; if only she knew what she was opening up for me when she bought me that book she might have thought twice ;)
I recently read another book about being left handed; and while it was quite interesting I can't remember the title at this moment or seem to know where the book is.  I think I lent it to a fellow lefty!  The fact that I found most eye opening from that book was this; in almost all species of animal; the tendency for handedness is pretty much 50/50; except for in humans where right-handedness is about 90% likely and left-handedness is between 10-12% likely.  The one exception to this is that parrots also have a ratio of 10-12% left-handedness and about 90% right-handedness.  Right now your probably wondering what I'm talking about because parrots don't even have hands!  But they do have a "hand" preference with regards to which of their feet.  What I'm really getting at; and what makes this so interesting is that besides humans, parrots are the only other species that can talk!  This particular book was about a guys going on a "quest" to find out where handedness stems from; and a lot of people think it comes from the same area of the brain as speech.

Ok; enough of that tangent.  My lovley mother likes to foster in us the things that make us unique; and for me, one of those things is my handedness.  She bought me (last year I think) a wooden spoon that is made for a left handed person.  And her latest purchase (thought it might have been from Santa; now I'm not too sure) was The Left-Hander's Calendar!  It's one of those page a day calendars!!  So every day I am provided with either a quote by a lefty or a fact about something orsomeone who is left-handed.  I'm totally loving it!!  And everyday it also gives me a list of famous people who are left handed; pretty neat.

So now for some fun lefty facts (gathered from my calendar and from my book):
  • January 1st 2009 - 779A.D. Happy New Year!  Emperor Charlemagne established our present calendar.  (he was a lefty; bet you didn't know that!)
  • January 2nd 2009 - Left-handers really are special; and brain scanning, along with the latest genetic technology, is finally enabling scientists to crack the mysteries of what makes us left-handed.  Research geneticist Clyde Franks of OXford University found that left-handers tend to share a variant of a gene named LRRTM1.  This gene , however, appears to influence handedness only of it is inherited from the father.
  • January 13th 2009 - Test conducted by Alan Searleman from St. Lawrence University in New York found there were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 then right-handed people. (No comments  ;))
  • Lefty's have an advantage in both baseball and fencing when it comes to playing with their right-handed counter parts
  • Michaelangelo; Rapheal and Leonardo were all left-handed
  • But so were Jack the Ripper and the Boston Strangler (due to living in a right-hand bias world I'm sure)
  • I've also read a few places that if the cowllick is counterclockwise then the probability of being left-handed is higher.
  • Left-hadned violinists; guitarists, banjoists, etc., must restring their instruments, which are designed wrong-way.  And left-handed saxophonists simply do not exist.  Even gun wrapper openers are right-handed.
Alright; so enough left-handedness for one day.  There will be more; you can count on that, I'm only 17/18 days into my calendar ;)  You can thank my mom for creating this "monster" who will be presenting these tips!  Any fun handedness facts you want to share?


Timbra said...

did you know that all of alani's biological aunts and uncles are lefties? (that my sister and mike's two bros) that our dad was a lefty forced to go right? and that alani sometimes exhibits signs that she may in fact become a lefty, however, her daddy believes that society forces a choice and he's hoping that if we keep quiet, she'll be amp!. . . .we'll see.

taylorchloejake said...

I was wondering why you were so cool!!! (I'm left handed too). so is my mom. :)

Another day in the life of Beau Hart :) said...

Wow, makes me wish I was left handed, ha! Actually I can do many things left handed, even write legibly, though I claim to be right handed. Fun facts though, didn't know you were a lefty. My dad is but neither me or my sister are.

sa said...


I LOVE YOU said...