January 9, 2009

Christmas Time

*Sung in your best high "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Christmas play choir voice*

What are we; 9 days into January; everyone else has packed Christmas away in their mind waiting till November when it suddenly sneaks back up on you, and here I haven't even done my 08's Christmas post; I'm already a year behind!!!

So; to set the record straight; I spent two Christmas's in Utah and it didn't snow AT ALL either time I was there; and now I've spent two Christmas's in WA and it snowed BOTH years.  So that's fun!

Luckily I flew out Tuesday night and by the time all the flights and such had caught up so I had no problems getting into Seattle; my flight was even on time and everything.  I picked up my bags and headed over to get a taxi; that was quite an experience.  I found a girl to share a taxi with (cutting costs!) but apparently since the snow was causing so many problems they were loading as many people in a taxi as they could fit (normally they don't encourage this because they don't make as much money).  In the end we ended up in a van with 4 other people(6 total); made 3 stops total and the driver let me out across the street from the ferry. I then had to drag my bag across the street through the snow cracking myself up the whole time (thinking; "I wish someone was here to laugh at me doing this").  
The street in front of the Ferry Terminal 

The rest of the evening was rather typical; mom rode the ferry over so we could ride back together and then we went home and went to bed; it was after-all past 1am at this point.  Oh fun fact; we saw a guy trying to pull out of the ferry parking lot; he had chains on and was peeling out so hard that there was an excessive amount of sparkage flying from his tires/chains; we cracked up!

Wednesday mom and I decided to go to town for hot chocolate and toast at a local bakery; but the power had been out before we left the apartment and was still out in town; so mom got coffee (they were giving it out free because of the power situation) and we both grabbed a pastry.  After that we headed to another coffee shop that had power to grab some hot chocolate.  We stopped at a few shops before heading to the store (where the power was also out).  That was quite an event!  All the cold sections were blocked off so if you needed something you'd ask, say the butcher, for it and he'd grab it for you.  BUT . . . the dairy section was blocked off to all store goers; and to get something from back there you had to stand in an impromptu line and tell your "order" to the guy standing behind the stack of boxes, he in turn shouted the order to another guy who sprinted down the isle to get it and throw it back to him; hilarious (like being at a fish market)!  After explaining the process to a lady and telling her how funny it was she said; "Anyone that gets their nicker in a bunch over it needs to have a drink!"
A pretty bench in town
Wednesday was a very eventful day; after all that we headed up to the house to let the dogs out for a quick potty break and an updated tour of the house for me.  On the way back to the apartment mom got stuck in the snow (on the road their house is off of) and one of the guys working on the house and I had to push her up the last part of the hill; again another hilarious event; we got stuck on that road twice that day!
Bill and Mom's House!
Bringing Chip in from the Snow
Thursday was of course Christmas; and we celebrated in traditional style; hanging out in pj's eating our favorite breakfast; playing games and going to the movies, oh presents too!  We saw 7 Pounds this year, a really good movie!  The day was very relaxing and very enjoyable; we got to chat with Mike, Timbra, and Alani which was fun too!  We had to go feed and let the dogs out (4 times a day during the snowy days) and after the events of the day before there was a rule that whoever went had to at least go in pairs!

We all looks so lovely! 

This is my new hat my mom made!
Friday Bill had to work, so mom and I went back to town for our second attempt at hot chocolate and toast, but this time the bakery was closed for the day, so we went again to the coffee shop to get hot chocolate and snacks.  We wandered around town checking out the shops for any post Christmas sales and then headed back home where we played cards in the warmth of the apartment.  Friday night mom and I took the ferry over to meet Bill for dinner before heading to the theater to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers the musical on 5th Avenue.  It was an awesome show, I've never seen the movie, but for the rest of the weekend Bill and I were singing "bless your beautiful hide" and mom was singing "sobben sobben sobben."  I realize neither of those will make any sense unless you've seen the movie or the play!  The show was awesome; did I already say that??
Seriously a whole island of snow and this is where I make a snowman?

Saturday we had to make the trip to Doc's which is a Saturday morning must; and the rest of the day were were able to just hang out and enjoy being together at the apartment; we played cards and knitted (not Bill, he refused!). 

Sunday was church and a second trip to the movies to see Marley & Me which is awesome but made my mom and I both sob.  I gave fair warning before we saw the movie that it would be sad though because I read the book.  Chip (our brown dog) just turned 16, so besides him being old; a lot of the characteristics the dog in the movie had have been exhibited in either Chip or Luke over the years, so it hit close to home.  

After having all the fun one can handle on any given trip I packed up and mom and I rode the ferry over to Seattle side where I jumped in a car and headed off towards the airport.  Travel home was once again uneventful except my luggage didn't make it with me, no worries though, I was home!


bsmith said...

Bless your beautiful hide!

Timbra said...

i'm sorry that your christmas tree nightmare sort of came true this year. . . 10pm emergency phone call!!!! i hope you and mom purchased those rudolph noses, otherwise. . . EWWW . . . i also hope you got "fresh ones" otherwise. . . super EWWW. love ya
wv: feinger. . . this is what the "gutterslime" lady would have said. . . "and then he called me gutterslime and gave me the feinger!!!"

Grannie Annie said...

We were really Sobben Sobben Sobben in Marley and Me, that's for sure!

Timbra's comment is very very funny!

wv: scraf....I thought I was making a scarf, but it came out looking more like a scraf.

taylorchloejake said...

Well here's to a good 2009! I can't believe your mom made that hat, it looks amazing.


Loved the pictures. I'm not sure what the white stuff was :)

I really am jealous of your hat. I wish mom would make me one.

Have a great week,


Timbra said...

in case you're still on. . . i've posted TWO more since the one you commented on. . I'm fast tonight!!! at least one should make you chuckle
wv: sutches. . . how a new yorker would say "stitches" (aka sutures. . is that how it's spelled)

Deb (Fraysier) Rose!! said...

Well, hey girl, I just found your blog!! I'm not completely caught up on the "read" but I will get there.

Yes, this is Deb from Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

I'm loving seeing your folks, it's been such a long time.

The Boggs came to visit us last night and we treated them to dinner and a night at the Coliseum with Gymnastics. Bill has season tickets to football, basketball, gymnastics (Alabama has quite a team in gymnastics) so you know this is a little bit of heaven for me. I love sports!! Macee and Colton had such a good time so it was fun.

We'll have to catch up one of these days, okay??

Tell everyone hey for me.......

Love you,