March 5, 2009

5th Year Free

February 1st (well the 2nd because the 1st was a Sunday) was my last car payment!!  I cannot believe that I no longer have a car payment; and I can't believe I've had the same car for 5 years!  I love the car just as much today as the day I bought it!!  Of course in the past month I've had two minor problems with the car; go figure, Murphy's law!!  
I know it might be silly to love a car so much, but if you think about how much time one spends in a car and how important a reliable car is, then maybe it's not so silly.  I've spent countless miles and hours in my car, radio blasting; I've laughed, I've cried.  The time I spend in the car has brought some great opportunity for thinking, and countless conversations with toddlers, family and friends.  Since a large part of my life has been spent in the car in route to somewhere, it holds lots of memories.  Ok; enough of me and my sappy car love story ;)
Anyway here are a few pictures of my awesome car that were taken this past week.  I can't tell you how good it feels to no longer have a car payment, and still have a car that will last me a very long time.

Next to some of the local wildlife 

After a little 4-wheeling to the river

The river where my dad fished for 30 years; I have a picture of his truck in almost the same spot from 4.5 years ago when we went to sprinkle his ashes


Timbra said...

cute. . . i do love a good love story. . .the problems are minor!!! i have another for you, your car sitting on the side of the road by the "scary" little potty at the trinity. ..i shall forward it to you and change the bk crown pic to another i have. . . to see if you like it better!
wv: tater. . . um, a hilarious Lord of the Rings moment!!! PO-TAY-TOES!!!!

Timbra said...

post something about our trip already!!!! and yeah. . . house-elf is ready to travel. . . pants not included in the base price, so i'm glad you won't be requiring them :)
wv: distople: i think this is a church term "He refused to repent, so he was distopled!" (you can decide for yourself what that discipline might actually BE)

Heather said...

hooray!!! we enjoyed several years without a car payment and a very reliable car. but then one day the odometer was well over 200k miles and, well, we have a new car payment now.