February 17, 2009

The Golden State -no more?

I'll not get into anything too heavy on the state of the economy in California; or on my views of what an idiotic group of people we've got in legislature who don't seem to care that everyone besides them is suffering because they can't get their job done (umm; oops!).  We're broke, a whole state is simply out of money as is either not paying it's bills or paying in IOU's; how is it that sending an IOU on a bill would not fly for a regular person; but a whole state can do it and it's perfectly acceptable; or just flat out not paying bills in the first place?

Don't get me wrong; I love California, I find it a very hard place to want to leave despite all the "problems" it has.  But I read this article the other day and it kind of broke my heart.  

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But through thick and thin; I'll not turn my back on my beloved state just as I hold true in my allegiance to the 49ers!  I know good things will come out of all of this; who knows, maybe my dream of owning a house in California will be possible sooner then I thought!  I have decided that this is the only blog I will write on the subject of California's economy; it's not happy news and everyone living here already spends way too much time thinking about it. 


Timbra said...

it is super sad, thanks for your thoughtful post on the matter. though utah's economic situation is almost completely opposite. . .the state constitution makes it illegal for the state to go into debt, the air quality problem far outweighs CA's. . .i miss my beloved state!

Timbra said...

hey hey. . .schnazzy new background. . . it's a little irish, a little neutral if you're not ready to commit to st. pat's yet (like if you have to wait for march to start or something). anyway. . new post JUST for you!!!! love ya! and you should get some flashy stuff too!

Megan said...

I love California too, and it makes me just as sad. Just because I don't live there anymore doesn't mean it's not home in my heart. Maybe someone ought to spend more time digging around your neck of the woods. If government employees did something more useful like this, then maybe the gold would go straight to the economy.

Su said...

Sorry, I have no comments on California's economic woes. My home state is also going to pot; they've started observing Daylight Saving Time.

Anyway, what I really want to say is... can I go to the grocery store with you the next time I'm in CA? Please, please, please??? :) I saw the pictures on Timbra's blog and I want to see it in person.... pleeeeeease????

Timbra said...

i see that you have added another book to the "ledger". . i meant to tell you on monday AM to write down your mileage in our ledger prior to departing for your job. . . OOPS!!!!

love ya
wv: rednatud. . . um, this is a version of a word we shouldn't say, you are so rednatud for writing everything silly thing down in the ledger (said to me, not you)