August 16, 2009

The Infamous Photo

Crime: Haley caught in the act of what appears to be . . . coming out of the Sani-Hut talking on her cell phone
Date: July 29th, 2009; approximately 7:15 pm
Location: Tahoe, CA

As it appears: Haley is walking out of the port-a-potty in Tahoe while talking on her cell phone, and unbeknownst to her, Laura is waiting at the ready with camera in hand to document the crime.

The Truth (according to defendant): "Laura and I have a running joke because a few years back we were taking a picture of ourselves at TFE (Tahoe Family Encampment); and upon review of the picture we discovered that the Sani-Hut was our backdrop. After that things sort of fell into place to make a tradition out of it; so we have several pictures of ourselves in front of said Sani-Hut. Believe it or not now we go out of our way to make sure we get a picture in front of the Sani-Hut every year. Well this year started out like any other, we went over to have our picture taken in front of the Sani-Hut and on the way I said that after our picture I'd actually need to use the Sani-Hut. Laura then told me she was going to take a picture of me coming out of the Sani-Hut. So I went in to use the 'facilities' and apparently forgot to lock the door (and apparently Laura was too busy talking on the phone to pause for 2 seconds to tell me I forgot to lock the door; yeah she noticed . . . she was also apparently too busy to stop what happened next.) while I was pulling my pants up a little girl opened the door on me and then quickly dropped it (by the way second 'walking in' incident I had in Tahoe this year, but the first time I was the 'walker inner'). I was distracted by this and came out, and Laura thought it was funny and said; ' good thing I didn't take a picture of that' but after having said this she realized she forgot to take a picture at all. So back into the Sani-Hut I went (see this time it was staged!) I thought I'd add an extra element to the already comical picture, so I whipped out my cell phone and pretended to be chatting away."

Jury Conclusion: So there you have it folks, the jury concludes that Haley is not at fault of talking on the phone while using the Sani-Hut . . . though upon questioning she did make this statement; "Port-A-Potties are kind of creepy and gross so safety in numbers is always a good idea, and since two people can't actually fit in there, a buddy on the phone is the next best option."

But what do you think: Do you think that Haley is innocent and this was a staged photo, or . . . do you think she really was on the phone and has concocted this elaborate story to"cover up" the truth.

*As of the writing of this post, we have not been able to gather a statement from Laura . . .

Sani-Hut Photo 2008

Sani-Hut Photo 2009


LLLofMurray said...

The whole thing was so well written, even if you are guilty, i absolve you. . . your niece is DYING for you to get here. . and I'm DYING for your second niece to get here :) so. . . could everyone just come together and cooperate already? hope to see you by tuesday :)

LLLofMurray said...

ps. . . sorry, that was your sister, i just forgot to sign out of my LLL account. . . and still refusing to :)

taylorchloejake said...

hmmmm tough call, I want to believe that your innocent but I just am not sure. ;) Cute photo either way!

Grannie Annie said...

hmmmmm....questionable....the jury is still out.

Mike and Lucy said...

:) Funny! Hope you are enjoying being an aunt again!