September 20, 2009

Blue LIke Jazz

Because I'm such a blog slacker and I have a lot to cover from this past month . . . I'm putting it off. I'll work on it this weeks; all about my trip to UT and Airi and Alani and all that good stuff. But for now just a few quotes, from the second to last book I read, to get you thinking.

Quotes from Blue Like Jazz:

"I believe that the greatest trick of the devil is not to get us into some sort of evil but rather have us wasting time. This is why the devil tries so hard to get Christians to be religious. If he can sink a man's mind into habit, he will prevent his heart from engaging God."

"If you don't love somebody, it gets annoying when they tell you what to do or what to feel. When you love them you get pleasure from their pleasure, and it makes it easy to serve."

"I mean to be in a relationship with God is to be loved purely and furiously. And a person who thinks himself unlovable cannot be in a relationship with God because he can't accept who God is; a Being that is love."

"If loving other people is a bit of heaven then certainly isolation is a bit of hell, and to that degree, here on earth, we decide in which state we would like to live."

"The most difficult lie I have ever contended with is this: Life is a story about me."


SnapTrader said...
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SnapTrader said...

I love the quotes... maybe I should read that. But I have to think about taking recommendations from a blog slacker.

LLLofMurray said...
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Timbra Wiist said...

i believe i was promised new blogs from overdue times . .three days ago??? and i do like the quotes here. . and i think i'm the one who has deleted two comments cuz i was on the wrong google account

Mike and Lucy said...

Wow. You are an avid reader! I was scrolling thru all the books on the side. Quite impressive. Good quotes, by the way.