August 4, 2009


As I'm sure you all know, I love love love to kayak. I'm so lucky/blessed to have a friend who not only owns 4 kayaks (and 5 paddles; story to come during Tahoe post ;), but she also lets me use them whenever I'd like. I've had two of her kayaks for the past month and have had several opportunities to use them with friends and family!

In prep for the Eppies Race (which will be coming up in the next post), I went out on the river with my friend Del. He's been asking me to take him kayaking for the past 3 years, and this particular weekend his number came up! It was a beautiful day on the river, not too hot and not to cold. It did rain on us a bit a few times, which was just awesome, and made for a beautiful sky.
Del getting ready to take off!
This is when it was raining
People party on this little island every weekend
Floating down the river
At the End of another Great River Run

Ahh, if I could only spend everyday sitting atop a kayak on a river!


Timbra said...

serenity! and i'm totally jealous. . next year i'm coming for a visit and we're kayaking. . no excuses! love ya

Heather said...

lovely! looks like a great place