July 30, 2009

The Rest of the Trip

So, I'm finally getting Washington finished up . . . good thing because I've got other things piling up behind it. Be looking for blogs on . . . kayaking, eppies/family visit, and Tahoe. How will I ever get these all done; all I can say is my niece better hold off her entrance into the world until I get caught up first!

The Sunday after the 4th of July, Courtney, Kevin and I headed back over to Seattle to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into! We decided, upon inspiration from my mom, to take the under ground tour of Seattle. Very interesting, we learned a lot about the city that we didn't know before. It's kind of comical really; after the city burned down, they started building simoutaniously the ground level and the now ground level because the owners of shops and the city were in disagreement. You can learn more about the history of Seattle here

After we finished up the underground tour we pretty much just wandered around for the rest of the day. We grabbed some lunch at a little cafe, walked Pikes Place, down the water front, through the pirate store and then back on the ferry home.
At the Cafe where we had Lunch
On the Warf "Acting Natural"
That evening we spent working on a super cool puzzle that Ben and Katie gave my parents; it was a puzzle that was based on where they live. It was really funny; a total "family puzzle night" moment. We did dash out for Mora (super awesome ice cream) in the middle and sadly Kevin had to head home about 15 minutes before the puzzle was completed; because ferries don't wait for anyone!
Hard at Work (Kev and Court were on water duty/Mom and Bill on Land Duty)
My contribution . . . The Center!
Looks like Kev/Court are winning!
We did it!
Bright and early Monday morning mom and I took Courtney to the ferry (somewhere in the 4am hour). The rest of the day, after we woke up around 10, we spent just relaxing and recovering from all the funness we had over the weekend.

We did decide to partake in one new adventure for the day . . . the bus. Now nothing really exciting to report, it's just something neither of us has tried taking to the airport yet, so today was the day. We didn't take any pictures of ourselves on the bus because it wasn't a novel adventure for anyone else ;) Mom did break the bus rule by giving her my ticket to someone on the way back so they wouldn't have to pay; good thing she didn't get caught.
There are lots of things you can't do down there!
Ready to hop the bus!
Of course we did!


LLLofMurray said...

fun adventures all around. . . the low bus mirrors made me say YIKES too :) looking forward to the rest of the posts. . maybe one/day would be a good idea from here on out :) it's a full moon on thursday, so rebecca thinks the chances of having a baby this weekend are good :) 8/8 (saturday) would be acceptable :) love ya!

Timbra said...

sorry. . . of course the last note was from me, signed into the wrong blog . . .oops!

Heather said...

hi, reading this weeks after you wrote it.
so... do you think they'd let me ride my 3-wheeled scooter on the bus? i don't know, i think they need to be a little more detailed with their sign. i mean, from the looks of it, people could freely have a campfire, go hunting, and bring large quantities of shampoo without a ziplock bag! madness.