October 7, 2009

Pre Airi Arrival

The anticipation of Airi's arrival lasted a LONG time because she was overdue . . . and since I had a free ticket and was going to fly out last minute, I didn't know when I'd go. It was torture on all of us, but mostly on Alani who really just wanted her super cool Auntie Haley to get there to hang out with her! It was decided that I'd fly out early Friday morning and stay through the next week. It was of course a few more days before she came, but we didn't let that stop us from having fun!!

I arrived Friday afternoon and we mostly just hung out for the rest of the day, me and Al got some good play time in!! Don't really remember that we did anything super fancy because I don't have any photographic evidence of it!!

Saturday we also just hung out (we did a lot of hanging out and holding our breath waiting for Airi to come!) We met up at Craker Barel for breakfast which is always a fun time!! That afternoon Mike and Timbra snuck out for a bit while Gramps, Grannie, Al and I played with some bubbles in the backyard . . . Al is the best bubble blower in the whole world; she has a
special oscillating lip technique! After that we watched Pete's Dragon for the 100th time!!
Mom and I "playing" checkers before breakfast
Mike's post-breakfast rock
Gramps and Alani having a rock
Her special blowing technique
Sunday Gramps had to head home (he'd already been there for a week waiting for Airi and in the end had to go home without meeting her . . . important meeting he was hosting and all!) After church the Wiist clan and mom and I headed up to Park City for Park Silly market. We wandered around trying the elevation trick to invite Airi to join us, had some shaved ice and saw what there was to see. Of course Al needed a purple giraffe balloon too from this super friendly clown named Scooter Bug! We went back home and hung out for the evening.
Some sweet loves for Auntie Haley
The Wiist family waiting for Airi
Al and the purple giraffe

Enjoying some Hawaiian shaved ice
Monday Timbra and Mike had an appointment with the Mid-Wife so Grannie, Al and I headed to Nickelmania to have a date. After having all the fun we could and winning some tasty prizes, we headed to the cheese cake factory for lunch. We took a few desserts home to share and then mom and I headed out so I could get a pedi. She and Timbra went earlier in the week, so she said she'd "sponsor" a pedi for me; such a sweet momma! Afterwards we went to a few shops and then called Mike to see if they wanted us to come back over and hang out. Upon calling we heard that Timbra was having some more intense labor so maybe we should entertain ourselves for a while, but to take some dinner over to them. We picked up dinners for everyone, dropped theirs off and took ours back to the cottage. We'd only been back to the cottage for a bit when Mike called and said they were headed over to the meet the mid-wife and we should meet them there. That was just after 7 . . .
Al and I trying our hand at DDR
Al and Grannie Ski Balling
This was Grannie's favorite game
Eating our winnings (75 tix each and hand picked by Al)
Grannie, Alani and I did some coloring, played with some blocks, watched a little over half of Chicken Run; all the while Alani was running back and forth reporting the progress to us, and then before we knew it . . .
Passing the time with coloring
And block building
And puppet playing . . . Where's Grannie!?!
Because it's what we do while we wait!


Timbra said...

oh finally, i've been holding my breath b/c i just wasn't sure how the story would play out :) i know you're on CA time and all. . but it was just after 8pm here in UT (that we were headed over to the center) :) I also love the pic of "the wiist fam in park city" and us girls having our shaved us. . . that belly seems SOOOO long ago. . . i mean, it felt like FOREVER when it was there, but now that SHE'S here. . . I can't even believe I ever looked like that :) oh. . is that a spoiler? to tell people that she came???