November 5, 2009

Airi's Arrival and the rest . . .

Airi made her way into the world Monday night (8/24) just after 10pm and came in at 8lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches long. Such a sweet little thing; here is a first photo of the family of four. You can see that big sister Alani is so very proud of her new little sister. She was awesome running back and forth between her parens and mom and I giving us updates . . . . she's here, oh, no she's not here yet . . . she's going to be big like me . . . I tired to look at her with a flashlight . . . she's got hair . . . etc. It was way too cute!

Pondering her sweet "baby sister names Airi" (as Al referred to her for the first few days after she was born!)
Grannie and Alani sharing a celebratory hug
Mike checking out the youngest lady of his life!
And one VERY excited Auntie Haley and Airi
The girls all snug in bed!

Mom and I headed out so they could have some family time for the rest of the evening, I think we left around 1 maybe.

Airi (and everyone else) came home Tuesday morning around 10ish, and mom and I met them at the house. Mom had to head home Tuesday afternoon so she got to do most of the holding between when we got there and when she had to leave.
Here's Airi in the cradle Gramps made when Alani was a baby.
Grannie and her second granddaughter, she's not proud or anything!

Airi all stretched out and trying out a cloth diaper for the first time
Sister Kisses
Thursday Alani and I went to Music Together, momma had to stay home with Airi. We went to class and picked up some bagels (as is tradition) afterwards. Later that day the midwife came by to do the 3 day check up . . . and the rest is history. I'm sure most of you were all well informed via Timbra's blog or facebook or emails about Airi's bilirubin issues so no need to recount them here. Thursday night they left for the hospital and the next few days Alani and I busied ourselves with a little of this and a little of that while Mike and Timbra did the back and forth between Airi at the hospital and Alani with me. We all survived and Airi turned out just fine in the end!!!
Orange Baby on Thursday
Auntie Haley and her little "pumpkin!"
Alani and I borrowed a truck from Timbra's friend Emily so we could go about our business. It's just a single cab so Alani got to ride up front with me and she thought she was hot stuff. By Monday (this is Friday morning now) she knew which peddle you had to push to go and which you had to push to stop, which light colors meant what, what the "clock" (speedometer) said, and what all the radio/temp buttons did. . . a regular expert!!!

Friday we went to the zoo and then met up with Mike and Timbra for a little treat before heading home for a sleepover, Alani's first one without mommy, she was a super star. She woke up once during the night, looked at me and said "oh hi" and then went back to sleep!
On our way to the zoo
Alani having a little moment with this sad little monkey
There was a baby elephant who'd just been born two weeks before but she was having quality time with her mom while we were there so we didn't get to see her. Her name was Zuri
We saw lots of animals, had some lunch, rode the train and the merry-go-round, and got some cotton candy on the way out . . . because Auntie Haley Rocks
Here we are riding the merry-go-round
The baby elephant was not out and the 3 baby tigers were sleeping too far away for us to see, but we did get to see this litte guy!
She's so chill
Having a little treat with mommy and daddy, except she was asleep most of the time they were there; they had to go back to the hospital and here is the tired monkey finishing her yogurt!
Friday night we went to the store and picked up Madagascar 2; Alani had been requesting the "other madagascar" all day, you know the one with the lady and the purse (that's all we had to go on to figure out what movie she was talking about in the first place!) I must have worn her out good because on the way home from Target she said "can we just go home now?" Poor thing!!

Saturday we got to see Mike and Timbra a little more which was good for Alani, we went to the park to play; get nice and dirty!!!!! We met up with Mike and Timbra for dinner and then Timbra was able to come home to put Alani to bed that night, and Mike was there when she woke up Sunday morning.
Sunday I was able to hold Airi, so Alani got to go to the park with her momma for a bit while I was at the hospital with Mike. We switched off after a bit so Mike and I were with Alani at the park while Timbra went to be with Airi. That evening, after going home for a change, we were able to having dinner with Mike and Timbra again, and again Timbra was able to come home and put Alani to bed (she feel asleep on me both night before Timbra made it home, I know how to wear a kid out I guess!)
Playing some music with daddy at the park

Nothing better than a little treat from the ice cream truck!
Alani master of the water!
Some impromptu tribal dancing we stumbled upon at the park
Alani had to wear one of Timbra's shirts like a dress because her clothes were soaked!
Dinner at Chili's

Monday we got the good news that Airi was finally going to be coming home. I'd extended my trip by and extra day so I could help out and had to leave Monday afternoon. Once Mike, Timbra and Airi got home Mike and I ran the truck back and picked up some Sonic treats. Then I spent some time playing with Alani and holding Airi before heading back home.
Alani giving Grannie and update
Sweet baby girl back to her natural coloring!
Me and my girlies!

It was a fun trip, stressful, happy, emotional, busy but wonderful . . . and now I've got two super cute nieces!!! (and this post is only a little over two months late; Airi don't let this reflect on how much I love you ;)


Timbra Wiist said...

airi said she doesn't feel your lack of posts reflects on your lack of love at all. ..she said you're the bomb and the best auntie ever and not to worry. . . she knows her own mother is nuts and posts too many blogs :) i can NOT believe how orange your camera captured her as. . and al actually JUST called her MybabysisternamesAiri yesterday. . . also, very good and concise report, especially leaving out the nitty gritty of the the illness issues. . . cuts down a LOT. . .but you may have to add in the hilarious nurse's outburst at the diaper sitch :) i kind of loved reliving (crap this is an email) the start of our life as four and also seeing some different pix from my own of that time :)