March 2, 2010

First "Trip" of the Year

Oh February, where did you go?? You came and went in the blink of an eye, and here I sit in March wondering what the heck happened to my February??? Apparently I was so busy with trips, activities, and fun to miss you too much!

The first weekend of February was spent in Utah with my super cute nieces (and their parents too of course; who are not chopped liver because they have children ;)!!! I flew in Friday night to my sister and two little girls passed out in the back seat picking me up from the airport, and then a quick trip to pick up Mike from the Haiti benefit concert the AIMers were putting on and we headed home to just visit and enjoy the evening.

Saturday was a relaxing and "family fun" day, we got a late start to our morning, and after Alani picked going to the zoo off of our list of potential fun things to do (with some persuasion from her daddy of course), we bundled up and headed out of the house. Along the way we stopped for this super delicious pastry (that is totally going to be in heaven) that had been on a food network show or two (?) and some breakfast sandwiches.

The zoo was awesome, not a lot of people there, and the weather was cold but not bad at all. And of course the best part was seeing baby Zuri who was born just two weeks before Airi, but wasn't out when Al and I made our way to the zoo in August . . .

We wandered the zoo checking to see which animals were out because a lot of them are inside for the winter, rode the merry-go-round and grabbed a snack before heading out. Al and I shared a giraffe because she was a little frightened to go it alone, but in case you didn't know this . . . there is plenty of room on the back of a giraffe for two!

(Mike did not ride but wanted to be included in the fun . . . his reflection in the mirror)

From the zoo we dared the likes of Costco on a Saturday afternoon before the Superbowl; which was a little bit more than a madhouse, but we made it out alive!!! Had a tasty dinner at the Spaghetti Factory and then home for the evening.

Sunday was of course church and the Superbowl so a busy day to say the least. We had church in the morning and food prep in the early afternoon, then party guests, snacking, game watching, commercial watching, and all around good time till late evening. After the days festivities were done and everyone was gone or gone to bed Timbra and I managed to sneak some "private" time on the love sack and catch up a little in sister land . . . you know the important stuff like how she admitted that when we were younger she'd plug my nose when I snored because apparently I snore through my nose (unlike everyone else who snores with their mouth open); which resulted in me attempting to fake snore with my mouth open, something I apparently cannot do without sounding like I'm choking to death or dying. Last time we had one of these late night sessions my sister discovered that peeled grapes freak me out. The joy of stolen late night moments with a sister and moments to never be forgotten!!!

(cupcake making with the nieces)

Monday was officially "Date Day" Timbra, Airi and I had a pedi date while Mike and Al had a lunch date. Al and I had a movie date to see the Princess and the Frog while Mike, Timbra and Al had a Lost catch up date. Mike and Timbra had a book store date while Al, Airi and I had a puzzle and play date at home. And Mike and I had a "date" to go pick up dinner while Timbra and Al and Airi were home . . . I think everyone got quality time with everyone that day!!! Alani loves dates, and we'ed set a "date" to go on a "date" while I was there!!!

I was able to stay late on Monday evening which was nice because then we got a whole days worth of fun, and Timbra and the girls drove me to the airport around 8:30 . . . of course Al fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got there in true Alani fashion!!!

Such a great trip!! I apparently was too busy having fun to take many pictures!!