March 6, 2010

My Little Valentine(s)

Valentines day I was lucky enough to take Aden and Lauren to see the Disney on Ice show . . . what Valentines Day treat!!! It was a late Christmas present for both/Birthday present for Lauren (who turned 4 on the 7th . . . can't even talk about that!!)

I'd also made plans with Michelle (the people I work for now) because she thought it would be a fun Valentines Day activity for the three of them; unfortunately when I booked all of our tickets I wasn't paying close enough attention because I thought I'd booked them in the row right behind Aden, Lauren and I, but apparently I booked them "one row behind us" on the other side of the arena . . . whoops! A little fact I didn't realize until I was taking the tickets to Michelle, and by that point there was nothing I could do about it, but we all survived!!

Of course one cannot simply get away with the tickets being enough of a present, so Aden and Lauren not only got a show, but:
  • Subway for lunch before the show
  • Cotten Candy/Lightening McQueen Hat combo for Aden
  • Snow Cone/Tinkerbell mug combo for Lauren
  • Popcorn and Lemonade at intermission
  • A coloring book each
  • and McDonalds for dinner later that night
(let's not forget about the cost of parking!) And surprisingly enough I still got off cheaper than when we went to the circus a few years ago!!! While I can't say that all of that was "priceless" it was defiantly worth the looks on their faces . . .
Utter Mezmoration and Suspense

The show was awesome, I think it was "One Hundred Years of Disney" but I'm not exactly sure if that's the one we saw. Hosted by Mickey, Mini, Goofey, Donald and Daisy we saw, Cars, Little Mermaid, Lion Kind and Tinkerbell!! We were able to meet up with Michelle, Mark and E after the show to visit a bit and reflect on the awesomeness that was the show, so all was not totally lost in the whole "let's see the show together" department!

Part of Your World

Under the Sea

Oh I Just Can't Wait to be King

I love ice shows and was just as excited about it as the kids!!!! After the show we headed to the church building so the kids could play on the playground for a bit, we grabbed some McD's for dinner and then went back to the church for a meeting I had, after which we met up with their momma so she could take them home and tuck them into bed!

Thanks for being my Valentines Dates Aden and Lauren!!!


Timbra Wiist said...

okay, the kids are WAY too big!! did i even know you went to this show? emily took her kids last week. it's pricey enough that we could only swing it for princesses, i couldn't do a second one within the six month mark :) looks like good times, sadness about not sitting right next to E and co!! good post :) can't wait for the olympic one :)