April 3, 2010

Winter Camp

The weekend after Valentines Day (yes I'm this far behind in my blog; I was maintaining at a month, but now I'm 1.5 months behind). The youth group headed out for Winter Camp. Don't ask me where we were because I still don't know for sure, but it was a lovely set of cabins, camp in the woods in the middle of no where!
Riding the church shuttle

We rode the shuttle out Friday evening and arrived a few hours later. Friday evening we had our first devo, and the first of a few talked from an awesome guy with an amazing story; grew up in Iran, lived in Spain for a few years and eventually his family made it to the U.S; he became a Christian when he was a teen and has been working passionately for the Lord since. He had some amazing stories and adventures to share throughout the weekend.

Saturday we headed about an hour out (again to I know know where!) to the snow for tubing. It was fun but I only did it twice; semi-terrifying not being able to control myself and a steep drop off the top. I had to be pushed both times; couldn't bring myself to "make the leap" on my own! We ended up heading back to camp a bit early because it started snowing while we were there and continued to get heavier so no one was actually tubing anymore!

Kelsey, me and Channing at the snow
A big group that all tubed down together
I've been waiting to wear this headband since my last tubing trip!
Charlie our faithful shuttle driver
Snacks and Skittle Poker in the lodge
Back at camp warming up after the snow

In the evening during our lesson the power went out and stayed out until about 5 minutes after we sent the kids to bed (an hour early). It actually worked out well because we had these different stations for the kids to go around and do; prayer stations, sin confessions (where they wrote their sins on a huge sheet anonymously), creation stations; scriptures; and an opportunity to get a tangible idea of how much God loves up . . . all made more powerful (in my opinion) but the fact that the power was out and it was all in the dark or by candle light.

Sunday we had a worship service in the morning followed by a baptism in a VERY cold pool in the rain! Free time in the afternoon and then we headed home. An awesome weekend full of learning and growth for not just the kids but everyone there . . .and an opportunity for all of us to get to know some fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at different churches in Northern California.

The following are several segments of what happens when one rides on our church shuttle; enjoy . . .


Timbra Wiist said...

this looks like it was a great and spiritually moving time! either i didn't know you were doing this or it's been too long and i've forgotten. . . like i forgot you went to disney on ice with the kids on vtines day. hmmm. glad you're catching up a little, i'm enjoying it and seeing your photos. . . love your headband ;)just so you know, i do check your blog EVERY SINGLE DAY :)

Kelsey Lightfoot said...

yay! that was so fun!!!