June 24, 2010

Oh What A Week

My sister and the girls came out for a week to visit, throw secret surprise parties, to celebrate birthdays and graduations. Of course, when Timbra comes out the week is always packed full off goodness, but we also had some quite time as well which was nice. They were here the 25th of May to June 1st.

I picked them up on Tuesday night and we dashed home for tuna casserole and The Biggest Loser season final; we have our priorities people! And of course visiting, hugs, kisses and cuddling! My favorite moment of the night was when Alani told Airi who was a bit wary of me "that's Auntie Haley, she's one of the good ones" . . . well I'm glad I made that cut ;)

Wednesday I had to work, but the weather held out, and E and I came over and picked up the girls and we all headed to the Folsom Zoo, to check out some of our local animals along with a tiger and a monkey or two, ride the train and then have some tasty mexican food for lunch before heading back to put E down for a nap. After work we hung out at home for about an hour before heading over to a friend's house so Timbra could catch up with her. From there over to a graduation of the daughter of some family friends, and to their house for a post graduation party to celebrate their jr. high and high school graduates!

Red Head? I think Yes!

Why Hello Little Deer
And Brown Bear
And Mr. Peacock

Making some commemorative Pennies

Loving the train ride

Thursday Timbra was supposed to be out and about visiting with some other friends but apparently she spent the whole day planning and setting up for a surprise party for ME . . . a very unexpected surprise! We were supposed to have dinner with the people I work for (who were apparently also in on the whole thing) and I'd made the dessert and marinated the chicken for dinner, but when my sister and the girls showed up 45 minutes late they told me I needed to change (Timbra brought me some dresses to choose from) because really they wanted to take me out for an early birthday dinner; one that required wearing a blind fold to, hmmm???? I was pretty convinced because when we pulled up to the church building it smelled like food, but I couldn't figure out why a burger joint required a dress! I shouted at my sister because she ran me into a car, a tree and through a whole, and all the while I was completely unaware that just inside the room 100 people were listening in. I took off my blind fold to a loud SURPRISE, and was rendered speechless for a good portion of the next hour!

I was overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up to celebrate my 25th birthday, so many people from so many different parts of my life, and of course by the love my sister has that she would go through all of that work just to honor her little sister . . . thanks sis. You can read more about the birthday here on my sister's blog . . . she's got all the photos. Oh, and lest I forget the surprises just kept on coming because a bunch of people chipped in and got me a kayak for my birthday . . . I've been wanting one for several years, and I really couldn't have asked for more. Thanks everyone!!!

Friday I had a surprise day off thanks to my employers!!! We spent the morning with my step-mom, running errands and me finishing up a cupcake cake order. We hit the road for Bodega Bay and while we got there later than planned, we still managed to enjoy a lovely picnic dinner on the beach and some sand play before heading to my Aunt's for the night.
Ahh Bodega Bay

Tasty Picnic Dinner

Just us Chickens

Apparently Alani thought the part where Tim and I jumped Airi was super cool

She REALLY loved the sand
Saturday my mom gifted my sister and I facials by my cousin at her new spa, so Timbra and I took turns with the kids while the other got a facial; and from there we went to get pedi's. It's a rough life we live ;) After our Pedi's we met up with Mom and Bill at the hotel, let Alani swim for a bit and then headed to dinner at the house of my mom's high school friend. It was a lovely evening full of laugh and good times!

Lucy just came to town!

Enjoying a ginger cookie and lemonade while mom got a facial

Can't leave Snoopy Out

Sometimes she's too much for words

And this one too

I think it's a little small

Me and Tai

Timbra, Airi and Tai
Sunday was official party/celebration day (because we party/celebrate all the time but this day was actually designated to them!) We had a tasty brunch in honor of my Uncle Stephen's 60th Birthday, followed by my cousin Rachael's high school graduation, and after that a pizza dinner to celebrate early for Alani's 4th birthday.
Champagne Toast
Happy 60th Uncle Stephen

Alani with her special drink; she was so proud of it

Al and Tai at Rachael's Graduation
Monday was a lazy morning at the hotel where Gramps took Al swimming, and then we all got ready to head over for Rachael's graduation party! It's always fun getting together with family, and we got a lot of family time in on this trip so it was extra extra fun! Mom and Bill left for home from the party, and we took that as our que to drive home as well. Timbra dropped me off at my apt for some "on your own time" while she went to visit with another friend! (Alani had a little too much fun with my camera so I didn't get any pictures from the graduation or the party)

Tuesday E and I picked up Timbra and the girls and we all headed to story time at the library followed by Spaghetti Factory for lunch (one of our favorites) and then spent the afternoon hanging out at work until it was time to take Timbra and the girlies to the airport.

at the Spaghetti Factory

It was a super fun week, and until next time (which is now only a week away) . . .


Timbra Wiist said...

holy cow, i know. . .only a week away!!! what fun times that trip was! i love the pic of airi when i was getting a facial, and the pix of you and the girls "self portraits" while i was getting a facial too . . . and oops, sorry that alani had all that fun with your camera auntie H. i can share some of my pix with you. . . in six years when i upload them to somewhere you can access them (i'm so lame). . . but you're the ONLY one with a FULL group shot from uncle steve's brunch :)

The Long Family said...

Sounds like you had a great time. It is always meaningful when you are able to spend time with the special ones in your life.

Joesph Reed said...

I had a chicken once... Scrupulous little SOB