June 24, 2010

Segway S.F.

I figure the least I can do while laying on the couch recovering from the stomach flu is to catch up on my blog . . .

On Sunday May 23rd I went on the Senior Mystery Trip with our youth minister Aaron and 8 of our graduating seniors. The Senior Mystery Trip is a day or weekend trip dedicated to the graduates to pamper them, and reflect on some special times they have had in the youth group, and since I've been working with the youth for a little over a year now I was invited along to share in the fun with them.

This year's mystery trip was to San Francisco; we stopped on the way to the city in Oakland at a little place for Chicken and Waffles; a favorite for many of the seniors and a new experience for the rest of us! And for those of you who know me, mixing foods is not my thing, and being sticky really isn't my thing, so eating a bite that contained fried chicken, waffle and syrup was a stretch to say the least but I did it, and survived! No seriously, it wasn't half bad, though I don't think I'll be craving it anytime soon!

From there we headed to Twin Peaks in S.F. to check out an amazing view of the city, and then off to the extra mysterious part of the mystery trip . . .

View from Twin Peaks

Enjoying the View

The Most Complicated Bathroom Ever

With a 20 Minute Time Limit
We took a Segway trip around the city. Everyone was excited or apprehensive at first, but after 10 minutes on that baby we were all pros! And the best part is that you see people doing dorky things like that around the city and laugh at them, but when you're the one doing it you're having so much fun you could care less what people think!!! There were people pointing, and taking pictures like we were celebrities! I asked the guy before we started how often people crash and he said not very often . . . well in our group of 10 i think 7 of us had some sort of "crash" a little higher than average I suppose!!

Getting "Driving Lessons"

Out and About in the City

Group Shot

"Free Ride" Time in the Parking Lot

Riding a segway is soooo much fun, and the movement in your feet is so slight it feels like your controlling it with your mind! We went on a 3 hour tour, but fear not, we all made it back alive!

On the Municipal Pier - Closest you can get to Alcatraz on land

Group Shot in front of Alcatraz

On Pier with Golden Gate in the background

The Golden Gate Bridge

Ghirardelli Square from Municipal Pier

After that we let the kids pick dinner, and ended up at the Rain Forest Cafe, we got a great table right next to the waterfall and the elephants!

From there we drove across the Golden Gate and looked out on the beauty of the bridge. We headed home from there, and there was talk of a bond fire once we got back, but all the kids were asleep by the time we made it back to the building, so everyone dispersed for home!

It was so much fun, and a lasting memory from youth group that they can all take with them as they move into the next chapter of their life!


Timbra Wiist said...

this sounded like such a fun trip. . . i kind of hope you're laid up for a few days so i can read about more of your adventures :) love ya