February 6, 2011

I'm a Runner

Today was a big day for me; not because I completed my first 10k ever and not because I ran the furthest I've ever run before, but simply because after doing the race today I felt like I could finally call myself a "runner."

I've always wanted to be a runner, and over the years I'd think about taking it up, run 2 minutes on the treadmill and call it quits, but now I'm a runner!! I've wondered over the past few months how many miles people who run ran (at one time) before they considered themselves a "runner" and apparently that magic number for me is 6.2 miles!!! I'm just starting out in this brand new world of running; I don't know if I'll like it all that much as I train for my first half, but I can say this . . . I liked running 6.2 miles and when I was done I had that feeling I've been searching for; the feeling of being a "runner"

My splits

And this is exactly how I felt today!


Timbra said...

so cool. . . i've never wanted to be a runner until this year and i've been having that same feeling, but you. .. you went out and GOT IT!!! GO YOU!! so glad you bloggged, i love hearing from you in all sorts of different ways. someday we shall run together, when you're REALLY good at it and can train me :P congrats sis, you are amazing!

Su said...

You are SUCH a runner! Yay for you! And I love and adore 10Ks, so it makes me extra-happy that you ran a 10K for your first race. Well done! And get that bib number framed! :D

SnapTrader said...

Nice going! Interesting that your 6th mile was one of your fastest. You were just getting warmed up!

Natalie Koprowski said...

I'm impressed. You look awesome!

Renee said...

i love that you are enjoying it! i love running! :) are you still at it?