September 28, 2013

The Gift I Found

A few weeks ago I was challenged to give 3 gifts to my husband ... one made, one bought and one found.  I quickly knew what it was that I would buy and after a few days I managed to come up with the one I'd make, but until today I hadn't yet managed to find a gift. . .

This image is one that most days causes me frustration; I love my husband, but his ability to leave his work boots, uniform, backpack and all his other various accoutrements here and there around the house drives me nuts!

But this morning I found it, I found the gift I've been looking for ... I found beauty in the pile that my husband leaves because this pile means that my husband is home, my husband is safe and my husband is a hard working man who spends his days working towards the greater good of this country; this pile represents what it means to be in the military and what it means to be a military wife.  This pile is not just any pile you'd find in any home, but one that can only be found in the home of an Air Force family.  I know one day this pile will no longer be in my house and when that day comes I will miss it!

So, I don't know if it counts as a gift I've found you, but Dennis, today I've found peace in this pile, and maybe it's a gift you've given me more than I'm giving you, but I've found thanks in the pile.  My gift to you is finding peace with this pile and working towards letting go of my frustrations of the "mess" it is making.  I love you!


The Glitter Bug said...

This is so beautiful and precious xx