November 21, 2012

30 Reasons to be Thankful ...

For my Husband.  Instead of doing 30 days of thankfulness over every day,  this year I decided to dedicate my 30 things to the most important man in my life, Dennis.  Below are 30 reasons I'm thankful that God blessed me with such a great man to call my husband.

1. I'm thankful that he's a God fearing Man
2. I'm thankful that he has dedicated half of his life (thus far) to serving and protecting our country
3. I'm thankful that he makes me laugh like no one else can
4. I'm thankful that he puts the toilet seat down after he uses the bathroom  - every time!
5. I'm thankful that he takes his role as head of household very seriously and supports our family financially
6. I'm thankful that he opens my car door for me (and other doors too!)
7. I'm thankful that he reads with me
8. I'm thankful that he prays with me
9. I'm thankful that he loves my cooking
10. I'm thankful that family is just as important to him as it is to me
11. I'm thankful that he takes out the trash
12. I'm thankful that he shows me he loves me by doing things like taking care of my car for me
13. I'm thankful that he tricked me into going out on a first date with him
14. I'm thankful that he is a kind an generous man with a caring and giving heart
15. I'm thankful that he embraces my crazy and loves me because of and in spite of it!
16. I'm thankful that he enjoys traveling and adventuring as much (if not more) than I do
17. I'm thankful that he challenges me and pushes me in every aspect of my life
18. I'm thankful that he's patient with me when I ask a million questions about how baseball and football work so I can better understand that part of his world.
19. I'm thankful for the intimate moments when we can share our hopes, dreams and fears with each other.
20. I'm thankful that he chose me to spend forever with.
21. I'm thankful that the first thing he does every morning and the last thing he does every night is to give me a kiss.
22. I'm thankful that he willingly tells me on a regular basis how much he loves me.
23. I'm thankful that we have the same love language; even though we speak different dialects!
24. I'm thankful that he always knows how to make me smile.
25. I'm thankful that we eat dinner at the table together (and plays Yahtzee)
26.  I'm thankful that he goes to the gym with me.
27. I'm thankful that he ins't bothered if the house isn't clean when he gets home from work
28. I'm thankful that on Weekend mornings he makes me breakfast ... Waffle Saturday!
29. I'm thankful that when I make a request of him he makes a concerted effort to do things differently
30.  I'm thankful because he's simply my favorite part of each and everyday


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