July 28, 2007

It's Intresting Really

I wan on my way home from Tahoe today and I started thinking about what I would do when I got home, and the list started to pile up. I needed to check my email, check my myspace, write a blog, check the mail, do some laundry, etc. The list went on and on (mind you I didn't do most of them because I was tired and decided to just enjoy the afternoon with a lot of Harry Potter reading and a nap in the middle.) But then I go to thinking about how cluttered my mind got with all of these un-important things that I normally do, like all the computer stuff all the time. And I realize that not once while I was in Tahoe enjoying that time with all my wonderful friends did I wish I was home checking my email or myspace. On the way up I was thinking about how excited I was to see everyone, and all of the things I needed to share with them. While I was up there I was just enjoying time doing things without the "comfort" of home, tv, computer, cell phone (though I did text as a means of figuring out where people were thought out the week!), beds, heaters!! As I drove back down I felt the weight of everyday life pushing down on me, and I wish, oh how I wish that life could be more like it is when I'm out of the rush of things than it it when I'm in the rush of things. I think sometimes we get too caught up in our everyday life that we don't realize how much fun we can have enjoying the world as God made it right outside our door, without all the unnecessary distractions.

On another note, I bought a copy of the Message Remix Bible while I was in Tahoe at the encampment, so I'm hoping my excitment in having this new tool will help encourage me in reading and studying the Bible more on my own. And goodness knows with all that's going on right now I need to study for myself now more than ever!!!