July 31, 2007

Sharks Everywhere

Apparently I haven't watched TV since I've been home from Tahoe because it took me about 5 minutes to find the remote a while ago (which might also give you an idea of how messy my apartment is!! Don't worry it's really not that bad and I'm gonna clean it tomorrow). Anyway though I haven't been watching tv at home I've been enjoying plenty of Shark Week while at work, who knew there were that many different shark shows on, crazy really. But the people who get into the water with the sharks are probably the craziest of all. Seriously I saw this one part where two people were up in a helicopter flying off the cost in South Africa, you could see the sharks in the water and the people swimming/surfing, well the people looked tiny but the sharks looked quite large, which means they are way to big for my comfort, I say that like all sharks aren't too big for my comfort! But all of this shark watching got me to thinking about how interesting it is that we are drawn to the things that we fear. For some reason, at least it holds true for me, the things that scare me most I also find very fascinating, and I wonder why that is. Perhaps it feeds fear( trying to give rational for it), or perhaps it to help figure out why the fear exists (in the hope that understanding will lead to change, I'm not sure really. I do know however I can't wait till I can watch more of Shark Week 20th Anniversary on Thursday when I go to work.


kim said...

haley, i feel the same intense fear for sharks as timbra and lisa feel for spiders. spiders, i can deal with, but not a huge fish with razor sharp teeth that could rip my leg off in like 10 secs. yikes. i have been avoiding the discovery channel ever since i saw the promo for a story about the worst shark attack ever. i guess it was about some military ship that sank and the survivors were attacked by sharks. i gotta say, jaws- cheesy and fake, but still scary. i don't need to watch a real story being remade. yeek!