January 7, 2008

What, a White Christmas you said

I realize that this post is long over due, in part because I just received the pictures and in part because I've been so busy this past week I haven't even had time to text friends back! But alas here it is, though most of you have probably already heard about my Christmas adventures.

The trip started with a late flight out Friday night, my flight left something like 8pm. I got the the airport super early met by the shortest security line ever, and the nicest travelers ever who were so stress free that they let a man running late for his flight pass without a second thought. On the Seattle side there was a bit of traffic so I had to wait for my parents to come pick me up, a sweet gesture to come pick me up from the airport but probably something that will be reconsidered before being offered again!

Saturday was met with a lazy morning and a surprise massage/spa experience for me as a treat for finishing out a very stressful semester ended with a intense week of finals. I felt very pampered and very spoiled. Thanks for the surprise treat mom and Bill! Saturday evening we went to Central Market to do some food shopping for the days ahead and to pick out a Christmas tree. There were like 5 trees all very nice and in a matter of minutes we found just the tree for us, not too tall and just fat enough. We left the "elf" out front to wrap it while we did our shopping. After we finished shopping and the "elf" and Bill tied the tree on we headed home. About half way home Bill pipes up with "Uh guys, I've got something to tell you; I don't think that's our Christmas tree." We started laughing so hard we could believe it as Bill recounted the clues he put together to process that the tree on top of our car was in fact not our tree. And sure enough when we got home we had to lop off a few feet just to fit it in the house. Every time we looked at the tree after it was in the house and all decorated, we could help but laugh as we admired the beauty that wasn't really our tree!

Sunday we went to Church in the morning and then spend a good while running from store to store looking for paraffin wax for dipping our hand and feet in. We went to way too many stores and just as we were about to give up we found the store that actually still sold it and mom bought 6lbs!! In the mean time we collected a printer, two new pillows and some kindling; Bill decided it was the most expensive wax ever! Later that day we took the ferry over to Seattle to see Jersey Boy, yet another surprise adventure from my parents. The show was amazing. Left us all singing Franky Valli and the Four Season's songs for the rest of the weekend. After the show we ran over to Macy's to get mom a cute new hat that she looked very Confident in! That one's an inside joke for Bill!

Monday was very low key, we walked to town for breakfast at Bill's favorite place Doc's. After breakfast we walked through town and a few shops to check out the goods. Mom and I left Bill at the bookstore to relax while we walked home to get the car because his feet were hurting him. Most of the rest of the day we hung out at home, we made tamales and sugar cookies, played games and watched the movie that actually inspired the song "White Christmas" no the movie was not White Christmas. And of course what's Christmas eve without some games!

Tuesday was Christmas, we enjoyed our traditional Christmas breakfast, opened some presents and hung out playing games. I'd been wanting a white Christmas for many years now and felt jipped when I went to Utah two years in a row and got nothing in the way of flakes. At some point during the day it started raining and I told Bill I was going to pretend it was snowing. He just laughed and told me it wasn't, until a while later we looked out and it actually was snowing. At that point I told him I knew it would snow, you just have to believe. He then asked if I could believe that dollar bills would start falling out of the sky! We went to the movies and saw Charlie Wilson's War, a movie I recommend everyone see. Phase 10 was the game of the day and boy did we enjoy it, way fun! It was a wonderful and relaxing day spend in good company!

Wednesday Bill had to go back to work, so mom and I hung around in the morning and then headed to town for some after Christmas shopping, of course I accumulated a few more treasures! We went home for a bit and played some square nine, headed to the ferry and missed it, so we opted for a trip to Bay Hay and Feed, and then decided to walk on to the next ferry. Mom and I squeezed in a few rounds of Skip-bo on the ferry! We met Bill on the Seattle side, had dinner at Red Robin and then they put me in a car with a complete stranger (aka a taxi!) and I headed to the airport.

It was a great trip and I'm sure I missed some important details, so mom and Bill, please don't be offended if I missed something but feel free to add it in! Thanks for a great week!


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

hooray. . comment #1. . . in "my fave snow picture" is that where the coyote hangs out? i'm sorry to hear you only have ONE HAND NOW (as you were looking for wax to dip your HAND and feet in) i am glad to hear you still have both feet though! a funtastic adventure awaits you on my blog. . . i LOVED this christmas catch up blog though!