March 21, 2008

An Eggcellent Day

Now let me say right off the bat by saying that normally I try to stay away from corny blog titles; though I don't deny I'm corny in real life . . . but I just couldn't resist the opportunity.

Yesterday was yet another fun filled day at work! Aden is on spring break this week (which happened to be the topic of a 15 minute conversation last week on the way home from school, which resulted in me explaining that spring break means, a break from school that is in the spring. Why that took 15 minutes you'd only understand if you knew Aden ;) ). On Tuesday Aden was sick and we tried to make it out to the park but by the time we finished up mailing out Easter goodies at the post office and getting lunch at Subway we decided it would be best to head home. (As soon as Katie got home, Lauren kindly explained to her in "Lauren talk" the we didn't get to go to the park because Aden was sick so we just came home, all of which Katie could understand!)

All of this leading to yesterday . . . Yesterday we decided to pack in the fun, we made our way out to story time at the library which was fun, there was singing and poems and dancing and stories, and a take home craft. After that a quick trip to the post office and then the store to pick up some white eggs ( mom had bought brown which don't dye well). We came home and had lunch outside while the eggs were cooking, the kids took a nap while they cooled and then the real fun began. The following are pictures of the event, and what an event it was. By the time we were done Lauren was blue from head to toe (literally, at some point I noticed she had blue dye on the bottom of one of her toes; how she managed that I still don't know) and we were all a little off color!!! But it was a blast that's for sure!
The kids ready to start

Aden is an equal opportunity egg dyer

Lauren on the other hand put all her eggs in one basket (ok bowl!)

Aden's hands somehow managed to stay clean until he actually stuck them in the dye on purpose

Lauren however was practically a smurf
Two questions you might be asking; first, how are Aden's hands the cleanest of the three of us? And second, how is it that Haley has a fancy fading design on her fingers? And the answer to both questions is; I have no clue!

Engrossed in the process!

I told you, head to toe, and it wouldn't come off either

Aden with his goods; minus one
Lauren with her goods, plus one; somehow she snagged one of Aden's when we weren't looking

It was a very fun process; even if I'm still trying to get the green and pink out of my skin! 


taylorchloejake said...

So cute! How old are they now? I thought about dying easter eggs with the girls but I'm sure it would be a total disaster

Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

okay. . . so cute!!! yeah, leave the "corny" titles to me please!!! I LOVE to be PUNNY in my titles, it's my blog trademark. Anyway. . . looks like fun, I think we'll dye a few BROWN eggs tomorrow. . . oh well, at least we're dying a few. love ya! got our easter package, happy easter to you!

Grannie Annie said...

Such a blast! I bet that ranks right up there with the "Best Day Ever" in Aden's sweet mind. What fun and special memories you have created together.