March 28, 2008

A few randomly fun things

So yesterday I was driving along in the car trying to get an eyelash out of my eye and pondering how it is that such a little thing could hurt so much when it gets in the eye.  Then I thought to myself; I wonder if God knew when He created eyelashes to protect people's eyes they would be the very thing that hurt the most in their eyes.  And then I thought to myself; I'm such a dork, of course He knew, God knows everything.  So after that I spent most of the drive marveling at the fact that God would be so detailed in His work that He would even make something so small yet so important as eyelashes. 

On another note: Every now and again I stumble across great shows when I'm at work and the kids are asleep; they are usually asleep during the parts of the day when nothing good is on TV; but every once in a while I come across a nugget of goodness.  I've blogged before about one of these shows, 2007 World Series of Pop Culture.  Well last year I stumbled upon a show called Sand Blasters on the Travel Channel;  it's basically a show where 8 teams of two work for two days to build amazing sand sculptures, and along the way at different points 5 get blow up and the teams have to start over again.  It's a crazy amazing show, and yesterday I came across this years competition!  How lucky am I!?!  So now I aspire to go to San Diego one year and watch it live!


Mike & Lucy said...

Ok, first of all- I am more concerned about you digging in your eye WHILE DRIVING than about God's wonderful creation of eyelashes. Remind me to look out for you in the road if I'm driving in your part of the country!~
And, I think I saw like 10 minutes of that sand thing last year. So crazy and so very cool. I would love to have some cool hobby and talent like that.

Cheesetown said...

I've seen Sandblasters a couple times and it is absolutely amazing what those people can do with sand! I agree it would be fun to see it in person.


That video was SO cool. I didn't know they have any shows like that. I'll have to check it out.

I bet you could build one as good as theirs ... even with an eyelash in your eye. :)