August 25, 2008

Day in the Zone

The day after I got back from Mexico I had a ticket to go to Day in the Zone which is a all day show put on by a local radio station.  Originally I'd planned to go with a few friends but they ended up backing out and since I already had a ticket I figured I'd go it alone.  It was so much fun, not too hot (maybe because I was comparing it to Mexico!) and an awesome show.  I saw Ace Young (on American Idol the same season as Chris Daughtry), A girl named Tristan Pettyman, Lifehouse and Chris Daughtry.  Everyone put on a really good show.  

The concert started at 11, and I didn't get there till 1 and didn't even miss any of the bands so that was exciting.  Oh and I forgot to mention that the show was hosted by Nick Lachey.  

I'd say that one of the highlights was getting a CD I bought there signed by Ace Young.  After he played I went off to buy a snow cone and came back to my spot to see him signing autographs over the fence.  Not thinking anything of it I wandered off to actually get real food, and a CD.  When I came back to my spot like 20+ minutes later he was still signing so I figured what the heck and gave it a shot.  I didn't have to wait long, I think probably because most people were getting pieces of paper signed and a CD is a little more of a permanent thing, he reached over and grabbed it to sign.  Not only that but he asked what my name was and how to spell it before signing it, very thoughtful if I do say so myself!!
Ace Young
Nick Lachey

Chris Daughtry


Timbra said...

looks like it was a lot of fun. i've always enjoyed going to the shows with you, someday we will live close together again and take alani to tons of concerts. . . her mom and her cool aunt!!!! and speaking of. . .there's an important one coming up sooner than we think, so we better start planning. um, i found a pin the other day from the kmart 25 cent toy machines that i'm definitely going to have to wear to the upcoming concert (let's not tell people what it is and do a survey or something. . . mums the word. . you know how i like secrets so very much)