September 1, 2008

State Fair

Today was the last day of the California State Fair.  I've missed out on going to the fair the past few years but made it this year just in the nick of time!  Isaac and I had planned to get there at the very minute it opened, but late nights for both of us last night lent us to making the decision to hold off an extra half hour!  And what we both kind of assumed would be about a 2 to 2.5 hour trip turned into a 5.5 hour trip.  We'd both forgotten the funness of the fair!  (Pretty sure funness isn't a really word; whatever).

We wandered a bit trying to get our bearings straight and then checked out the livestock section.  We saw some amazing bulls, got to pet some super soft sheep and of course oohed and awed (maybe I just oohed and awed) over all the baby piglets, goats and calf.  Can't forget the chickens, lamas, alpacas and the horses either! There was also a farm area with all sorts of veggies and herbs growing so that was fun to see. 

For lunch you can't go wrong with a jumbo fair corn dog; there really is no point in eating any other type of corn dog.  Sadly I didn't get a picture of our tasty lunch.  When going to the fair one always needs to indulge in deep fried goodness so later in the afternoon Isaac partook in deep fried avocado and as our parting treat we had a funnel cake.   

Besides the livestock I think the largest amount of time was spent looking at the different exhibits.  The children's art exhibit was hands down the best one there.  We also saw the Hollywood exhibit, the Rats, Cats and Bats exhibit (no live bats and lots of chickens; hmm???), some sort of technology exhibit and then the regular art exhibit.

We couldn't have asked for better weather (especially since a few days ago it was 104 in these parts)  A nice 85 and windy, and not to crowded either (though we attributed that to our promptness of getting there and leaving still early in the day)!!!  All in all a very good day, and well worth the adventure!

Not the bull with the biggest horn but there was something special about this guy

This would be King Kong

When done right even lettuce is beautiful (all different types)

There was an awesome sunflower patch

Shh, hiding in the corn rows

Pile of Piglets (2 days old!)

Jacob Sheep (not sure how old this little guy is)

The Actual Back to the Future Car (Just for you Mike!)


kim said...

the little piglets are so cute. my hubbie would have loved to get a glimpse of the actual dolorian. wow.

Timbra said...

okay, so our fair is totally going to pale in comparison. . . . the CA state fair totally rocks!!! maybe i'll rummage up some pix of the last time we went (when I was like -5 days pregnant :)

Heather said...

i think everyone needs to see a pile of piglets at least once in their life. and wow, the delorean was there... cool.

Isaac said...

okay, so think of how awesome that day sounds...

yeah, it pretty much was just like that.