August 24, 2008

My My My Mexico Part 2

Everyone watching Justin fly in the sky
The Kids playing in the sand

Thursday Kim, mom and I took a yoga class which consisted of the three of us and the teacher.  It was an awesome class and though I was apprehensive at first of the small class size, I was glad in the end because I feel like I probably got a better workout because of it.  After class we met the boys and the kids for a late breakfast, and then the Rush's headed home.  We decided to trek over to the Marina that afternoon for some shopping and dinner and were enjoying the wandering and dinner when a huge storm hit.  It was awesome at dinner because the restaurant was open so we saw and heard amazing lightening and thunder, but the walk home was a whole different story.  We were walking in flooded streets with the water well up to our shins.  Because mom had a white shirt on and I had kaki pants on (see through when wet) we opted for the trash-bags we'd seen a few others wearing.  Not really sure what Bill's excuse was!  And the night was closed out with some Olympics; did you expect anything else!?!
Bill doing his best Nacho Libra
My Turn
Mom Always trying to one up!
Nice Family Dinner
Trash-bag Trio
The damage

Friday was another day of nothingness which was just the way I liked it!  We had more pool time and after mom and Bill headed off for their afternoon at the spa, Justin and I headed to dinner and then back to our room for the exciting 100 Fly with Phelps taking his 7th Gold!!!  Kim Rush actually called us soon after the race to find out what had happened because through the husle of the night they missed the race.  So of course we were more then happy to fill them in!  Oh, and there was another storm on Friday evening; Justin say lightening strike the building right next to ours, and the thunder was so loud I jumped/fell out of my chair!
Enjoying my lime smoothie 
Justin enjoying his banana smoothie 
Pool Girls
Saturday was a late morning, breakfast at the buffet that we'd been having breakfast at pretty much every morning (oh, how awesome is a vacation in Mexico when you can eat things like tamales, beans and quesadillas for breakfast among other things like the worlds best waffles!)  
Roses on the Roll
The water running through the hotel
After packing up we played a few rounds of card before heading to the airport and back on to SLC.  Mom and Bill had to rush through to their connecting flight but Justin and I met up once again with Timbra and Al.  Timbra took us on a little downtown SLC adventure and to dinner before we headed home.  

It was an awesome trip, and while usually we do more on vacation then lounge by the pool everyday, I think this was exactly what everyone need that week! Thanks Bill and Mom for an awesome vacation!


Timbra said...

i've posted on many of these photos already as well as got the first hand scoop on your trip, but it's rude to read and not comment. . so here i am, commenting!

taylorchloejake said...

um I want someone to do that to my toilet paper