August 24, 2008

My My My Mexico

So there's not much I can say about my trip to Mexico except that it pretty much rocked my world!!  A lot of relaxing, lounging by the pool/ocean, and soaking up the sun with an occasional evening sea turtle adventure!

Saturday we headed out for our adventure far too early in the morning; I believe that I set my alarm for somewhere around 3:45 am, but I've tried to block that out of my memory!  Justin and I headed to the airport and flew to Salt Lake City where we had about an hour to go out and visit with Mike, Timbra and Alani in the airport.  It was sad that they didn't go on the trip with us so it was a nice treat to get a little visit in.  
Me at like 4:15 am
Justin getting us gas at 4:40am

So Saturday night after dinner we watched some Olympics and then mom and I headed out to do some sea turtle sighting and were excited to see a few different turtles in different stages on coming up to the beach to lay eggs and going back to the water!

Sunday (like most of the days to come) was a lazy/relaxing day by the pool.  We found some lounge chairs between the pool and beach and camped out for the day.  We enjoyed chips/salsa and blended drinks while lazing around!  We pretty much spent most of the day going back and forth from the pool to our lounge chairs, and the most exerting thing we did all day was play a little 2 on 2 water volley ball (quite a sight to behold!).  That evening we ordered room service and watched the Olympics (you'll notice this to be a recurring theme!)

Monday Mom and I made our way to the spa where she enjoyed a facial and I enjoyed the best hot stone massage I've ever had - a fire opal massage!  After that we did more lounging by the pool, under the umbrellas trying to recover from our Sunday sunburns!  After having dinner at one of the hotel restaurants and watching the olympics ( it was a sports bar type place) we check to see if any babies might be ready to release and were pleased to discover that there would be a nest ready in about an hour!  So you can bet that we were there an hour later ready to let them go!  We also saw a few more turtles coming up to lay their eggs while we waited for Oscar (the turtle master!)!
Aww, brother and sister 
Tuesday morning we did the room service thing again and watched the olympics over breakfast!!  Around noon our friends the Rush's arrived for a overnight visit, so we said our hellos and took the kids into the pool while everyone worked on catching up in the water!  It was someone's grand idea to do room service in our (Justin and I's) room and watch the Olympics so I ordered up some pizzas and the 9 of us crammed into our room to enjoy good company, good entertainment (the Olympics as well as Tim and the Kids!) and good food!

Wednesday we pretty much hung out by the pool yet again, taking the kids swimming here and there.  There was a storm coming in so we got out of the pool fairly early that day, plus the Rush's were all suffering their Tuesday sunburns.  Justin did have the opportunity to go parasaling in the afternoon so that was really fun to watch.  And in the evening we all had dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant (the type where they cook in front of you) and after that went for a walk on the beach to see more turtles coming up to lay eggs.  And of course the evening was concluded with some Olympic coverage!
Justin checking the medal count
Mom and Bill relaxing by the pool
Justin Parasailing


Timbra said...

a "two parter" how lucky are we? or maybe even a "trilogy" because of the separate reverence the turtles get :) we were a little bummed not to go too, but next time for sure!!! and did no one else want to parasail with justin? it looks so fun!!!

Heather said...

yeah, i'm definitely going to have to make sure that odin marries alani so i can somehow get in on these family vacations! sounds so relaxing!

taylorchloejake said...

Looks like an AWESOME trip! I could use one of those. And Justin looks huge! Last time I saw him I think he was like 10.