August 19, 2008

Temple Trip

On the way home from Mexico Justin and I had some extra time between flights, so Timbra and Alani came and took us on a little adventure.  While trying to decided where to go eat Timbra came up with the grand idea of taking us for a swing by the temple.  It's been kind of a long running joke in my family because since my parents moved to UT a few years ago, I'd never been taken to the temple; which is one of the must sees for everyone else who went to visit them.  Timbra, in her grand attempt to get me to come out and visit always promises that she will take me to see the temple.  And true to her word she did!!

This is apparently Timbra's version of taking me to see the temple . . .
All I can say is I hope that on my next visit I might get a better tour!!


Timbra said...

okay nerd. . .this is timbra's idea of "taking me to the temple." so funny!!! i didn't have to delete mine to take it off, just saved it as a draft instead, so now i'll repost it. . . . love ya