September 5, 2008

2 Arms; 2 Lives

A few weeks ago I gave blood (not a rare thing) at our annual church blood drive.  The thing that is out of the ordinary is that only twice in my blood giving career have I had to be stuck in both arms, and both times it was at the church blood drive.  Not really sure what that's all about!

Last year they got it all out of one arm but couldn't get anymore out for the tubes because of a clots, so in order not to waster the blood, they went into my other arm to fill the tubes.  This year I had them use my right arm; and the lady had such a hard time finding the vein (she spent a good deal of time fishing around with that huge needle in my arm) that at one point I looked and it was completely side ways; perpendicular to the vein; my question is who thinks a vein runs that way!?!  Anyway, she gave up, I got wrapped, switched chairs, arms, and ladies and gave my donation.  I got two super cool arm wraps, a shirt, a pen, a coupon for a free pint from BaskinRobins and great snacks on top of the satisfaction that my donation can save 2 lives!  The pen and shirt were my gifts for allowing them to stick me twice; not everyone gets a shirt (this is my 3rd "for your trouble" shirt in the past year; hmm)

I was wearing these pink and green shorts so my first wrap color selection was pink; after that the new lady got all excited and wanted me to do green on my other arm, and then the guy made me these two corresponding bows and said; "Here at the blood source we believe in accessorizing!"
(Not my best picture but the inspiration of this post!  Click to see the accessories!)

I find it really fascinating that our bodies are so complex that if we scrap ourselves or cut ourselves we bleeds, but our blood is also so contained in it's tubes and tracks that if you stick a needle in someone's arm and it's not in the exact right spot you will get absolutely nothing, not even a tiny drop of blood.  God is amazing!


Timbra said...

okay, too much. . . the color bands, the accessory bows, and the horridness of the story. the best line was "this is my third 'for your troubles' shirt this year" YIKES. . . . . maybe a little extra training would be good!!!

Grannie Annie said...

I'm proud of you carrying on the legacy of blood donors. P.S. Can I have my pin back (kidding).

Timbra said...

hey, you'll need to reread "cow juggling" because i added a couple of quotes. i had to put alani to bed, do the dishes and put mike's lunch together and THREE people commented in an hour, i was hoping to get back to it before anyone read it, but anyway, you'll appreciate the quotes.

taylorchloejake said...

Those are some stylin' bandages! Way to rack in the free goodies.