October 23, 2008

Commentary Unedited!

So a few weekends go when I was at my mom's Tri; between my cousin, Uncle and I, we had 3 cameras.  My uncle Tom did not want to be in charge of my aunts camera because he didn't want her to be upset with the quality of the pictures, and he didn't want to be in charge of my mom's camera because he would be too embarrassed for her to see his pictures; so we put him in charge of my camera.  After pondering it for a while I decided everyone needed tasks.  So my cousin would be in charge of photographing her mom; me mine and Uncle Tom could do video.  He was very excited about having this job because it was as easy as pressing a button once to start and once to stop.  Well after the second video he lost his privileges as videographer because of his running commentary while the transition was taking place.  He "claims" he didn't know it had sound!! Don't worry there isn't any bad language; just a little mocking going on; I on the other hand was nothing but peppy and positive!

(Sorry, not really sure why it uploaded as blurry as it did; the original is a little clearer then that)


Timbra said...

oh my goodness. that cracked me up. at least i got to hear some of the fam even with the "unedited commentary." what WAS aunt T doing for so long? mom was like in and out. . . . she could be a stock car racer!!!

Timbra said...

hey, i posted about our harvest party a full week ago, yesterday. since i started writing it several days ago, it's pretty far down on your notice board. um, the ryler thing. . . HILARIOUS. you might want to catch up quick, more to come very soon. . .fall is a great time for photos and such and i've got a lot of stuff to post, but i'm trying to take it slow so i don't get in trouble from my wee sis!!!