October 29, 2008

Dangerous or Daring

For those of you out there who haven't yet discovered these books; I suggest you go straight out and purchase the one most applicable to your life (or your kids lives if you want to use them as an excuse!)


I got "The Daring Book for Girls" for my niece, but I kind of wished I had a copy for myself!!  Yesterday while at work, I snuck a peek into "The Dangerous Book for Boys" because I just had to see what was in there!  The thing that caught my attention the most in the table of contents was the section on girls; so of course I headed to the page to see what exactly "The Dangerous Book for Boys" has on the subject of girls.  There were just 8 things listed; but #7 was my favorite; "If you see a girl in need of help - unable to lift something, for example - do not taunt her.  Approach the object and greet her with a smile, while surreptitiously testing the weight of the object.  If you find you can life it, go ahead.  If you can't, try sitting on it and engaging her in conversation."  Oh how this made me laugh!!

I'll have to look in "The Daring Book for Girls" when next I visit my niece for a favorite quote or tip. In the mean time; this little guy is getting a head start on learning all he can . . . 
Hmm, let's see what this is

There is magic in this book

Lets have a better look


Timbra said...

i have been meaning to look at this book more in depth lately, i just thought of it the other day. Alani and I will have to pull it out when you come and have a good talk over how to be daring. right now we're watching bambi II for the second time tonight and the 40th time this week, and it's almost over and i know AS SOON AS the end song starts she'll say "i want to watch again!!!" be ready for it!!!

Timbra said...

my word verification for my last note was paminglo. .. that's when my mother in law stands on one leg! this word verification is lessism. . that's the art of learning to live with less.

taylorchloejake said...

That's so cute! I think I need those books.