November 1, 2008

Topic of the Hour

What Did You Do For Halloween???

I had a very lazy morning which was exactly what I needed, and then I got myself together and donated blood (being low on blood seemed appropriate with all those vampires and such out ;) ).  In the evening I helped out at the Cordova Harvest Festival; there were games for all the kids (congregation and community), a bounce house, hay rides and a soup dinner.  Sadly I didn't get to take many pictures or try any soups because I was working a game called "Formula Fusion;"  not sure if that's actually what it was called; I couldn't remember the name of the game for the life of me!  Because the theme of the night was Wacky Science my game was to throw the balls in the "beakers."  I also did my best at a wacky doctor/nurse/scientist outfit with what I had around my apartment; so nothing too wild.  I think I spend a total of $10 on my outfit which was some shoes, and i.d. holder and hair dye!  Dustin dubbed me a "Noctor" because I wasn't sure exactly what I was; a nurse or doctor.

I also made a few cakes for the "cakewalk" which was always my favorite game/event at a school fair when I was growing up; there was this great feeling of power having the ability to win a whole cake when your little!!

After the Harvest Festival, which went till 8, my friend Dustin and I went over to our friend Isaac's house to let his dog out and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Neither of us are fans of scary movies so we figured a semi-odd movie would do the trick; plus Dustin hadn't seen it before.  

So that's pretty much my Halloween; nothing too exciting, but just enough fun!  

Nothing too wacky; just a little flare in the hair

My ER scrubs

Ask my Sis!

One of my cakes (the other looked the same)

Our Game (the balls all felt funny so each kid took plenty of extra time inspecting each ball!  I made one in; some of the kids schooled me in this game!)

The edition of my "Mad Scientist Goggles"

All I could get Dustin to wear with this glow necklace


Grannie Annie said...

Looks like fun. I think you look very "noctorish" and definitely in the spirit of the holiday.
You know what we did, so I'll not repeat myself:)

WV: cermo

Timbra said...

hey burrito girl. . next year you totally have to do the burrito. i don't know that the mad scientist or nurtor as i'd like to dub you. . . is really "your favorite bible character" but whatever!!!! loved the cake. very cute! you'll be excited about my halloweeny treat, i promise. and the post is coming!!! love ya
wv: crincent. . that's when you only have half a cent to your name and it makes you cringe

taylorchloejake said...

That is an awesome cake!