March 29, 2009

99 Random and Odd Things About Me

Well over a year ago I made a list of 101 thing about me.  Well; I figured it was time to do it again; except I only made it to 99.  I didn't look back at the last list to see what I put, so I don't know what is a repeat or what's brand new; it's a little more fun that way!  I've been working on this list for almost two month; on my first list I sat down and did it in one afternoon, this time I've just been letting them come to me!  30 of these are actually from a list I made on facebook recently, but they are mixed in.  Hope you enjoy and learn a little something new about me; and hopefully when your done you don't find me to be too odd.  If you do I blame it on my parents ;)

Conquering a children's play structure -
 should give you some insight as to what's ahead

1. I went to a concert by myself last summer and had a great time; I'm not really good at doing things on my own so this was a big one 

2. It bugs me when I leave drawers in my dressers opens; and I have to close them before bed

3. Leaving cabinet doors open; the pantry door open; or even the fridge drives me nuts; all must be closed unless my hand is actually inside

4. I hate Charmin toilet paper commercials; I find them a little odd and uncomfortable and therefore will never purchase their toilet paper

5. I organize my pictures by Year; Category; Subject and Date; so say a picture of Aden (the little boy I use to nanny) would go in Folder 2009, then in Folder Kids; Folder (Last Name) Kids; and then in the last folder with the date. A picture from The CAYP Super Bowl Party would go; Folder 2009, Folder CAYP, Folder Super Bowl 2/1. Sometimes it feels like going down the rabbit hold to get to the final folder!

6. As most of you already know; one of my goals for the year is to read 52 books; at least. 

7. I have pictures in frames in little piles all around my apartment; but only actually have one thing hanging in my entire apartment

8. I always use two paper towels when cleaning; I discovered that if I bought the smaller paper towels (as in the half sheets) I still only use two; but I cut my paper towel waste down substantially

9. It's pretty much impossible for me to clean my closet without it becoming some sort of reorganization project; last time I cleaned it I got rid of ( I think) 4 boxes and 1 bin full of stuff

10. I no longer have a car payment; It feels a little surreal; but I think I'm more shocked that I've had the same car for 5 years and am still totally in love with is. Umm in an appropriate way; as much as a person should love an inanimate object!

11. For some odd reason I keep thinking I'll be 25 this year; somehow I've jumped ahead a year.

12. I cannot believe that my dad passed 5 years ago; it doesn't seem like it's been that long.  I still think about him almost daily. 

13. I try to be a very practical person; but tend to be more so when helping other people with their problems; then if I was dealing with my own

14. I have a hard time trusting other people to do things; I always feel like they won't do it the way I want it done, or as good as I would do it. I have been allowing more people into that "circle of trust" over the past year

15. I made it through 5 years of college; and only have 2 friends that I consider close; the rest I never saw outside of school unless we were meeting to go over something for a class, and I'm totally fine with that.

16. I love to blog and think of things to blog about all the time; but when I sit down to blog the task always seems to "big" so I have a hard time starting; once I get typing though it always seems so easy and fun

17. I'm a 49ers fan; and believe that if your a Niner's fan besides rooting for your own team; your other goal is to see the Cowboys lose!

18. I love live sporting events; I don't watch many on TV besides Football but I love watching anything live

19. I clean out my bulk mail at least once a day; even if it's only one or two emails

20. I love to plan things; and if I could spend all my time doing that I would; being an even planner sounds so fun but scary at the same time

21. I'm a horrible speller and since I've had my mac and rely on it's auto spell check my spelling has gotten worse because I don't know if I've spelled anything wrong unless there is a red line under it. This causes problems when I'm using other computers.

22. I pretty much never use my myspace anymore; but for some reason can't bring myself to delete it, and I want to.

23. WinCo is my new favorite store to shop it; I'm in love with their bulk item section, it's a food shoppers wonderland!

24. It drives me nuts that I have 9 preset stations in my car and more often then not; none of them have a good song on; or they all manage to be on commercial at the same time.

25. I love wearing hoodies because they make me feel comfortable and I love feeling comfy!

26. I pretty much think about going kayaking and long to go kayaking every time I drive over the river (which is at least twice a day); unless it's pouring rain outside.

27. If I stick to my current weekly schedule I don't ever have to go on the freeway; and the only night I even cross over the freeway is Thursdays!  (* This has changed but I'm keeping it because it was a big one at the time)

28. I love sleeping with the fan on; but the rain is the best sound in the world to fall asleep listening to.

29. I keep count of how many loads my laundry detergent lasts on the side of the bottle and have been able to make it last longer because of it; the first time I kept track it only lasted 26 loads; now it lasts 30 (out of a supposed 32)

30. I no longer take issue with wearing jeans to church and quite enjoy it now; Sunday mornings that is

31. I despise onions but love sour cream and onion chips

32. I'm a postsecrets addict but have never sent a secret in; I want to someday

33. I'm a huge fan of and probably watch my shows on hulu more then I actually watch them on tv

34. I'm just about to finish up my FPU class and I'm excited about getting out of debt and living the rest of my life that way.

35. I'm still checking the bed every night for spiders; not the first two nights after I wash my sheets because in my mind they are clean and cannot possibly have spiders in them.  Now I'm starting to wonder if it's something I'll be doing forever 

36. The biggest drawer in my dresser is full of pj pants (only the pants; everything else is in another drawer)

37. I've been to two New Kids on the Block concert; one at 6 and one at 23

38. I have to be looking at my bed every night when I turn off the lights; so I can find my way there!

39. Target is my kryptonite

40. I still hold out hope that someday someone will make me a mixed tape; even though they are no longer "in style"

41. I'm a self professed reality TV junkie; and not really that proud of it. I have decided to give up on American Idol this season and don't miss it. And sadly am not able to watch Biggest Loser; thought I've been managing without it!

42. I think putting wet dishes away is one of the grossest things in the world

43. I can't eat a grape if I've seen the inside of it; always have to eat them whole.

44. Pretty Women and Dirty Dancing are two of my all time favorite movies

45. I'm proud that my niece takes after me in some way; even if it's the things my sister finds annoying ;)

46. I see someone in my family probably at least every 6 weeks of not sooner; and they live 2 states away

47. If I don't get myself out of bed to go to first service on Sunday's I never go to class either

48. I decided to give up soda this year and I've realized I don't really miss it; as a bonus I've cut out a lot of fast food too.

49. I quit biting my nails a while back and can't believe how fast they actually grow. Now if only I could stop chewing on them.

50. Every now and again I wish I still had a stick to drive; I miss how fun they are, I can't remember the last time I drove one, it's been a few years at least

51. I try not to have more then 2 lights on at a time in my apartment

52. I strive to always be the first comment on each of my sister's blog posts; it's a lot of work, today alone she posted 4 blogs!

53. Every time I hear Free Falling on the radio I think about my musical destiny. A theory I always mean to blog on but haven't ever gotten around to.

54. When I move my eyes around sometimes I notice a black spot that I'm seeing out of my right eye; it took way too long to realize it wasn't an eyelash I've been seeing.

55. I often wake up with a random song in my head that I find myself singing in the shower; once I recorded the songs for two weeks; you can find that list here

56. On sunny days in the spring I often find myself craving the beach boys; thank goodness I've got their greatest hits CD in my car. I keep it in there for just such a situation (* the beach boy's days started in January this year; talk about an early spring!)

57. I take a drink of water pretty much every time I wake up during the night; and since I'm a counter; I always take the same number of swallows. Same number each time per night; but not the same number every night, if that makes sense. Some nights it's 7 and some nights up to 11

58. I can't stand it when the shower liner touches me while I'm taking a shower; it makes my skin crawl

59. Since I'm left handed it feels just as natural if not more so to use the mouse in my left hand working the buttons backwards as it does to use it with my right hand; though in general I prefer to use the touch-pad.

60. I've had the desire to work with kids since I was in the second grade

61. I like taking classes at the gym but not by myself; I like to have a partner in crime even if we can't talk during class

62. I'm a blog junkie and check for updates all the time; and then I like to go back and look at the comments people leave (not with all of them just a few)

63. It bugs me when my sweatshirt strings are uneven; a little lopsided is alright, but one way longer then the other annoys me and I have to go about "readjusting" them

64. I joined a website called 43things several years ago and every once in a while when I remember I go back and check it out. It's a website where you can list 43 things you want to do before you die; and you can see how many other people have the same goal. I think I only have like 7 things on my list; don't want to fill it up too soon!

65. It bugs me when microwaves aren't cleared; I often clear them when no one's looking, though if I feel comfortable enough I'd just walk over and do it without trying to be sly 

66. I love the Ellen show and check her website often to see if tickets are available at a time that I'd be able to work out a trip down there to see the show; hasn't happened yet
67.  If I need to remember something I usually just send myself an email.  I have two email addresses that go to the same place so I send it from one to the other and keep it unmarked until I do it.

68.  I try to keep my email inbox very clean; I only have things in the inbox that still need to be replayed to; everything else gets filed away.

69.  I don't like mushrooms at all, but use cream of mushroom in a dish or two and always have some in the pantry!  I know; kind of like the onion thing!

70.  If I could only buy items for one room of my house for the rest of my life it would probably be the kitchen.

71.  I can't remember the last time I was in Old Navy; that's not something you'd hear me saying very often.

72.  My left hand is always colder then my right;  I think it's because I always have my left hand out doing things like holding a book while my right one is tucked safe under the covers.

73.  I'm not a fan of umbrellas, I find them to be more trouble then the are helpful.

74.  I'm not really sure what I'd do without my crock-pot, I use it at least once a week.

75.  I always plug my hair dryer in to the bottom outlet and my straightener into the top outlet; but I never have them plugged in at the same time.

76.  I sold my first car for about $500 more then I paid for it.

77.  The only bone I've ever broken was my collar bone when I was five . . . still my sister's fault ;)

78.  I was hit by a cyclist once on a fishing trip with my dad; my sister and I were walking to the bathroom when he hit me, and my sister thought I was dead!

79.  I have a cash box that I've never used.  I always wanted one growing up; would try to convince my mom we needed one every time we had a garage sale.  She gave me one a few years ago that I keep but have no use for.

80.  I scar very easy, but I really like the scars I have because they all remind me of something.  Like the big one in my thumb that I got from shutting my finger in a car door; or the one on my knee I got from spilling bacon grease at my first job.  Each one is a little story and a part of my history.  You could probably ask me and I'd know how I got 90% of my scares.

81.  I've been living in this apartment for 2.5 years and have never purchased a full length mirror.  More often then not this lead to me bringing a dinning room chair into my bathroom to stand on so I can see how my shoes go with an outfit; only when I'm trying to look nice.

82.  I started making my own popcorn on the stove a few weeks ago, and haven't looked back.  I  have a great love for popcorn and I think the bag stuff was starting to bother my stomach; haven't had any problems since the switch.

83.  I try to give blood every 8 weeks, though it probably averages out to more like 12 weeks, seems that when it's time to donate again I'm either sick or gone or who knows what.

84.  I got to see Phil Collins live in NY and be on the Early Show.  He was promoting the opening of Tarzan on Broadway.

85.  The first "grown-up" theater show I saw was Les Misrables probably about 10 or 11 years ago, and my sister and I knew pretty much every line to every song before going to see the show; it was amazing.

86.  I've seen Les Misrables and Phantom of the Opera in Sacramento, Lion King in San Francisco, Rent and Stomp on Broadway in NY and Jersey Boys and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in Seattle; I love theater.

87.  I like to know exactly what time it is; none of this rounding business

88.  I once had to catch 40 goldfish (one at a time) with a cut in half water bottle by flash light (the power was out) for wedding center pieces; that's how much I love my friends! 

89.  I have a special knack for being the one to find our dead animals; it all started with our rabbit patches when I was in like second grade.  Since then my 2 birds, 2 rats, 2 more rabbits; one of our dogs died while I was right there, I ran over one of our cats, and one of my sisters cats while I was taking care of them.  You might want to think twice before asking me to pet-sit.

90.  I don't have a particular love of snails, but for some reason many years ago I adapted a little snail as my "artist signature" 

91.  The thing about being a cook is you get your brain going in the kitchen; today I'm at work and they are remodeling the kitchen (i.e. no oven, stove or microwave).  I made a grilled cheese sandwich using a toaster and a waffle maker and it tasted just as good.  Creativity in the kitchen is what it's all about!

92.  I'm completely fascinated with all things left-handed these days; what actually makes a person left handed.  I think what is most fascinating about it all is that after such a long time scientists still don't know.

93.  I always had a love hate relationship with school; I didn't enjoy being in school, but I didn't know what my life would be like without it.  I don't even miss it, and it doesn't feel weird to not be in school.  Though I think if I had it to do over again I'd take more fun classes, and more psychology classes; the two psychology classes were probably my two favorite classes in college.

94. You know those signs that say "Your half cent tax at work;"  every time I see one of those I can't help but laugh (or at least smile).  I find them very ironic because I've yet to ever see any construction work being done even close to one of those signs. 

95. I clench my jaw really bad; a lot during the day as well and don't realize I'm even doing it.  It's so bad that I have bite lines that run along the inside of my cheek; I kind of thought they were like veins or something until my TMJ doctor told me otherwise.  Sometimes if I'm really aware during the day they are almost gone by night, but they are pretty much always there.

96. I've actually seen the end of a rainbow. No gold but it was beautiful

97. I'm very self conscious about my handwriting and fear I'll never get over it

98. I now own my own business and I'm only 23!!

99. When I laugh really hard my right collar bone hurts; I always thought this was normal until I recently took an impromptu survey to discover I'm the only one it happens to.  I've concluded it's because of my "incident" when I was 5.


Grannie Annie said...

I was organizing today, and "grouping" like items....I found three umbrellas. Bill uses an umbrella during his walking commute to work quite a bit, and rightfully so. I find umbrellas a bit of a nuisance, but for some reason feel the need to own them. I think I would choose kitchen-ware too, even over clothes. Did you know #98 and 100 are the same? Thanks for mom!

Timbra said...

okay. . . i have SO many comments. . . i'll have to put your list in an email and comment on all of them. .or, better yet, see you thursday night and i'll go over them with you in person :) love you!!!

Su said...

Okay, now I totally want to race you to see if I can comment on Timbra's posts before you. :) Probably not going to happen, since I only check blogs late in the evening.

I use my mouse left-handed, and it totally weirds out my entire office that a right-handed person can use a left-handed mouse. (I use the number keypad with my right, so it works out.)

Heather said...

yeah, lots of comments but here are a few:
totally hilarious about the grapes and the cash box... why do you still have it if you have no use for it??
i don't really like umbrellas either. they get heavy and i always feel like i'm going to poke one of my kids in the eye. i'm in the market for a good rain jacket.
LOVE stove top popcorn. i can't eat popcorn at all anymore (boohoo) but i did get to eat the good stuff several times and would never do the microwave stuff again.
i can do almost nothing with my left hand but i can use the mouse. i started doing this while nursing at the computer and have no problems with it now.