May 5, 2009

Cupcake Class

Let's start things off right and show you the final product! 

Alright; time for the back story.  I was at a special olympics even two Sunday's ago with my friend Laura and her friend Cyndee (who from here on out I am just going to claim as my friend!) and somehow we got on the subject of cupcakes and how we were all longing for one.  Cyndee was telling me that Babycakes is the best place to get cupcakes downtown . . . and so the conversation went.  Fast forward to Tuesday (at this point Cyndee and I have been facebook friends for 2 days so we totally fall into friend zone; as oppose to friend of a friend zone) when I got my Learning Exchange catalog.  I always look longingly at the cooking classes never brave enough to take one on my own.  But wait; what's that. . . a cupcake class at Babycakes . . . must be fate.  I quickly facebooked Cyndee to tell her of our good fortune and she said she was in, so we both signed up that very night. 

Come Wednesday I'm so excited about the idea of taking this cupcake class (since I've always wanted to take a cupcake class) and Michelle (the lady I work for, from here on out also known as a friend) randomly said; "Mark asked if you'd told me that you borrowed our cupcake book!?!?  Random because I'd borrowed the book the week before on a Thursday.  I got so excited and told her about the cupcake class I signed up for; she in turn got so excited she wanted to come too.  So after quickly asking Mark (her husband) it was set.  I got her all signed up while the little one was sleeping, and we were ready for Cupcake class.  Mark proceeded to think it was funny that we were taking a cupcake class, but was secretly excited because apparently he loves cupcakes! 

Time for Cupcake Class:
Monday night was Cupcake Night; so much fun.  Class was from 6-8:30 and we got to make both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.  Just an FYI: Frosting is a completely different class!  The class was small, only 7 of us (class can only be 8 people).  We got a demo of the vanilla and then split up into two groups of 3/4 and then from there into pairs to make our cupcakes.  Cyndee, Michelle and I went to the front part of the shop and Michelle and I worked on our batch while Cyndee worked on her own.  We each got to make 6 vanilla and 6 chocolate cupcakes.   Sadly Michelle had to do all 12 of our scoops because the ice cream scoopers were not lefty friendly!  Oh, I did do one scoop!  I must say the 3 of us had the best cupcakes, the others over filled and had some blowouts, but not the three of us.  Vanilla cupcakes were rather uneventful in the making.

Cyndee Scooping

Baked to Perfection

Same for Chocolate; we all gathered for a demo and then split back up into our groups to make our mixed. . . this is when things got a little out of hand!  Michelle at one point decided to lower the mixing bowl while the whisk was still on which resulted in batter flying all over the both of us ( or maybe just me???) and excessive amounts of laughter.  No sooner had we recovered from that, that Michelle decided to take my picture.  I was pouring the dry stuff into the mixture and Michelle was asking where the button was to take the picture; I look over and she's got the camera completely upside down . . . once again resulting in excessive amounts of laughter and this time a few tears (from laughing so hard).  This time the batter was thin enough to pour into the molds so I got in on the pouring action.

Me Mixing

Michelle Pouring
While our chocolates were baking all 7 of us gathered around the table to frost our vanillas.  There was chocolate frosting (which we applied in AMPLE amounts) and vanilla bean butter cream.  Both were amazing.  And once our chocolates were done and cooled we frosted those.  

Cyndee's First 6

Michelle's First 6

My First 6

We each go to take home 1 dozen tasty cupcakes, and the recipe for each!!   It was so much fun hanging out with Cyndee and Michelle and doing a "girls night" type activity.  We found out that the owner will do private classes for groups for 5-8 and she said we could pick what we wanted to learn!  So next up red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting (because according to Cyndee they are the best she's ever had); who's in!?!?!?!


Grannie Annie said...

oooohhhooohhhoooohhhooo!! Me ... Me !!! I want to take a cupcake class. Looks like a blast!

Heather said...

oh my goodness. those look so yummy.
looks like it was a very fun girls night!

Timbra said...

can you wait to take a cupcake class til i come to town in october? that would be SOOOO fun!!!! who would we leave al and clem with? maybe gramps. . ha ha!!! that sounds SO fun, what a fun girls night, now i'm going to be on the lookout, maybe the AIM girls and I can find a cupcake class nearby :) I'll definitely be needing some tips for al's birthday treats now master of the cupcake!!!

Anonymous said...

count me in ! Cynthia Allen