May 20, 2009

My 21 Day Challenge

I have decided to give myself a 21 day challenge; and at first I thought about keeping it to myself in case I don't follow through. . . but then I realized that is exactly why I need to broadcast it to everyone, so I do follow through! (I actually almost talked myself out of going to the gym yesterday on day 2, which is exactly why this post is necessary - but I told myself if nothing else I have to do at least a half hour of excersise)

The Challenge is this :
I have to do some sort of workout/physical activity every day for 21 days.
I cannot do the same workout/activity two days in a row.
And I cannot eat at anyplace where there is a drive through window.

Along with this, I'm trying to get all my water in everyday, give soda up (again) and eat at least one veggie each day; but these are bonus items, not the challenge. I think in the past when I've tried to challenge myself to something I've added too many factors into the mix, then when it gets to hard to get each one done I feel like I've failed; so this time it's really just 2 things, and the rest are bonuses!

I actually already started on Monday, so I'm on day 3! My workouts for this week include:
Monday - half hour of strength training/half hour of treadmill
Tuesday - walk with Elli/ half hour of treadmill at the gym
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday - 45 minutes of elliptical/abs
Friday - half hour of strength training/half hour of treadmill
Saturday - kayaking
Sunday - T.B.D.

The rule about not doing the same thing everyday is simply there to encourage me to mix it up; in the past I've been good about going to the gym and walking on the treadmill everyday, but I need some spice to keep me going!

Anyone want to join me and challenge themselves to a 21 day change of their own?

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* Clikcing the image won't actually do anything, just thought it was fun!



I clicked the image, then I went back and read where it said nothing would happen. :)

I'll take your challenge. I think it'll be fun.

You got to hold me accountable.

No sodas, cokes, etc for me. And physical excercise every day.

I'll start when you stated... Monday

Day One Monday: Weight training at the gym.
Day Two: Walking for about 30 minutes.
Day Three: Ran 6 miles

Okay I'm caught up. See you tomorrow.

Timbra said...

trey has lofty workouts. . . run six miles? i might die if i take your challenge :) Monday. . . an hour at the pool stretching and chasing alani about, tuesday. . . 11 minutes of working on cleaning :) can i take your challenge in october?!!!

taylorchloejake said...

That's a great idea to mix it up with the exercise. The Kayaking sounds awesome! Where do you go? Do you have your own Kayak or do you rent one? Well good luck!

Grannie Annie said...

You're fabulous, and oh so very strong....I know you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Okay, I'm taking the challenge too.

Day One - 45 min Swim, Group Power Strength Class
Day Two - 5 mile hike
Day Three - 45 min swim
Day Four (today) - 30 min walk, short brief bike ride, and one hour personal training

Food journaling - daily!!! (with an eye toward pre-planning all meals...right now, I usually just have breakfast, snack, and dinner planned).

The eating part will have to do with sugar intake ... I'll get back to you on that one.

Grannie Annie said...

Are you going to do a "Renae-style abs" workout? I told her about your challenge...she said "way to go Haley, great idea to mix it up!"

nosiones - this is like noisy and nosey - ones all mixed up together.