June 1, 2009

Day 15

Today is day 15 in my challenge to myself and I must say I'm proud of myself for making it this far! I would say of all the days yesterday was actually the hardest; much harder than day 3 and 4 (when I kind of just wanted a break). I spent the whole first week sore because I was actually putting at lot of muscles to use that don't get used on a regualr basis!

Yesterday I was at church from 8 till 2 because I was hosting a bone marrow registry drive; which meant I needed to be up before 7 (not my ideal for a Sunday morning) and I hadn't gone to bed till well after 1 Saturday night. Anyway after that I was wiped out and ended up taking a nap from about 4:45 till 6:30ish. We had a little concert at church from 7 to 8 which I went to despite still being tired and now having a headache. I didn't want to go to the gym even before I left the house but packed my gym back "just in case!" After the concert I was talking to someone and telling them about my challenge to myself to which he replied; " It's day 14 you have to go." So I did. I still didn't want to be there and my head was still hurting but I put my 40 minutes in and by the time the 40 minutes was up I was feeling much better and probably could have gone longer; but it was already 9 by that point.

So all of that to say, now that I'm at day 15 working out feels more like part of the routine and I'm use to just packing my gym bag when I leave in the morning. I've stuck to not doing the exact same thing everyday which I think really helps. Monday's and Fridays are my cardo/strength training days; and Wednesday is yoga and hot-tub day (quickly becoming my favorite workout day!). The rest of the days I kind of just do whatever floats my boat; usually a different form of cardio and some ab work. I'm really enjoying it, and I love that it now feels like part of the day. I'd like to add some swimming in soon!

I will confess that I did go through a drive thru yesterday at In n Out burger; and while I feel guilty about it, in my opinion In n Out isn't quite in the same category as other fast food; and I only got the burger, no fries for me.

So overall I'd say that I've only really had one slip-up in the past 15 days which I personally think isn't too bad, and making it this far I don't feel quite as guilty as if I'd done it on say day 3. But I also know that being open about my goal and sharing it with others has been a big help. Having people who know about my 21 day challenge makes it a little less challenging because I don't go more than 2 days without someone asking how things are going!

Thanks for the support so far; I'm 2/3rds of the way there! And than it will be on to the next challenge!


Grannie Annie said...

Wow! I love your attitude..it is inspirational, and the way you are incorporating this challenge into your lifestyle...such as packing your gym bag. Several months ago, I had a period where in about a month's time I had fast food three times (which is an extraordinary amount for me). When I confessed my ways, someone said to me "well, and you're still alive!" I thought that was the funniest and at the same time profound thing to say. It is all about the forward motion! Keep it up, you're 2/3 of the way to the next part of the journey! Lots of love, Mom

Timbra said...

good job sister!!! you'll get my enthusiasm, but i don't have much more than that for you right now!!! Keep it up. . . are you going to come in August when I'm at my tubbiest and be smokin hot?!!!

taylorchloejake said...

That birthday girl has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen! Glad you could make it to her party!!