June 11, 2009

Shh . . . It's A . . .


Last weekend held several celebrations and surprises for the Wiist family; mostly Timbra thought.  See, I'd told her long ago that I wouldn't be able to make it for Alani's 3rd birthday because I owned my own business and couldn't take the time off (which was true.)  And than I told her I could make it because while I didn't own the business anymore I hadn't budgeted for a trip so I could afford to go (which was also true.)  And than I told her I was hoping to get some flight vouchers on my way back from my Mother's Day trip to pay for my flight but I didn't get them (once again true).  But what I never told her was that our wonderful parents offered to pay for my flight on the condition that it was a surprise (ok, really there were no conditions, it was an afterthought; but a very fun one at that!)

We also decided the same weekend (through inspiration from Timbra's friend) that we should just go ahead and plan a surprise baby shower for the same weekend.  After some trepidation about the surprise aspect of the plan; we decided to just go for it and see how it went!  But the time my mom and Bill picked me up Thursday night they were both convinced that Timbra knew I was coming; and maybe even thought something was up about a possible baby shower . . . I knew that if she really didn't think I was coming she's have no clue about the shower because we wouldn't do it without me there.  Turns out she was completely clueless to both!!  

So Thursday night (after throwing her off track one last time), I hopped a plane and made my way to Utah for the weekend of parties, fun and surprises.  Mom and Bill picked me up, we stopped to pick up some ice cream and head over to the Wiist house.  Mom was sure Timbra knew something was up and told me to wait in the car for a few minutes. . . . so I waited and waited (ok it was like 2 minutes.)  When I knocked on the door Timbra was totally in shock to see me she said; "are you com(the ing was implied). . . I mean are you hear?"  It was really fun to have pulled off that surprise, little did she know there was more to come.  Alani was also excited to see me, and we all enjoyed our ice cream and some visits before Mom, Bill and I headed back to the hotel.

Friday mom and I picked Timbra up and we headed out for mani's/pedi's as per our usually girls get together activity!  We spend most of the afternoon "bebop'n" around town doing a little of this and a little of that; lunch, I needed my bangs fixed, party errands, shaved ice, etc.  After all our girl activities (with Al after the mani/pedi's) we headed back to the house to work on party prep; had some tasty Cafe Rio salads for dinner and then off to the hotel for secret activities and sleep.
Enjoying out Pedi's

Saturday was party day; Alani turned 3!!!!  She was such a happy, sweet and cute 3 year old who was very excited about her party!  We had last minute party prep to take care of and then at 2 we had Alani's tea party; so cute.  It was the perfect day for a backyard tea party!  After getting all cleaned up from the party, mom, Bill and I snuck off so Tim could put Alani down for a nap, and then we came back and Mike and Timbra snuck off to have a pre-anniversary date.  And while Mike and Timbra were gone and Alani was sleeping Mom and Bill snuck off to do some secret baby shower errands and a quick trip by a graduation party. ("I fear you underestimate the sneakiness") Once they arrived back we took Alani back to the hotel for some swim time; she's quite the little fish, kept having me scoot further and further back so she could jump to me, and at the end even diving under the water more than jumping!
Getting Piggy "Brains" From Grannie

Quality Control
Party Princess
Sunday we had church; Bill and I made it for class by mom wasn't "feeling well" (finishing up surprise shower prep) so Bill picked her up between class and worship.  After worship we all visited for a bit and Emily (Tim's friend aka shower hostess) told her she had something she'd forgotten to give Alani and wanted us to stop by and get it later.  During lunch Timbra said; "oh we forgot to stop by Emily's on the way here."  We decided that we'd just go get it afterwards; and in the mean time I told Mike and Bill they needed to say they were going out for coffee.  Timbra wanted them to come straight home after getting their coffee so we could do something for my birthday (haha)!  When we pulled up to Emily's (the door was decorated) and Timbra said; "are they having a baby shower or something?"  After a few minutes of silence while we were all getting out of the car her exact words were; "If this is what I think it is you guys suck (or maybe it was you guys are jerks; now I can't remember)."  I'm just assuming she meant that in the most loving way possible ;)  
Us Girls
Shower Hostesses 
Yes, we'd pulled off two surprises in one weekend!  Timbra had no clue that was coming!  We had a blast, played some game, opened some presents and got some good visiting time in.  (I'm sure she'll expand more on this on her blog!)  Mom and Bill flew out around 5, so they left from the shower.  I went back to spend some more time with Mike, Timbra and Alani, and Timbra made a little cake for me and she and Alani sang me happy birthday!  After enjoying a little cake and playtime they took me to the airport!

The weekend was a busy one and stressful (in a good way for those of us in on the surprise to come) but of course so much fun.  Now big sister Alani is 3 and Timbra's got a few more things in preparation for baby girl Wiist 2.0!  

*Slideshow will be coming but I want to let Tim post most of her picts of Al's birthday party first!


Timbra said...

you guys do suck, i mean that in the most loving way possible!!! i hope to be able to clean up my photos this evening and post some of al's bday. . . i put some of the shower on costco today. you might be able to theif the one of you blowing out your candle for your birthday blog or something :) it was a great weekend!

Heather said...

yay, good job on the surprises!! how fun, timbra looks so happy in all those shower pics! :-)

Nana said...

I've been trying to keep with all of you via the blogs but now I can't get into Timbra's, sad, sad, sad............miss you and all our fun times. I'm so happy in Tuscaloosa, Al. enjoying a very different and sweet life back here. We head to Europe Sept. 15th which will be a first for me so looking forward to it. Someone said it's a trip of a lifetime so we'll see. Would love to hear from all the family, tell Anne, I'm now married to a "Bill" too, hehehe!! Love you Hey,hey.......