July 13, 2009

4th of July in Washington

Oh dear, I'm such a blog slacker these days. And now the blogging I have is such a big chunk I've just been putting it off. I need to adopt the Timbra plan which is to just blog a little everyday (except she blogs a lot everyday ;) There is a lot of goodness to report, so I may have to break this up into more than one blog, so don't hold it against me if the actual part about the 4th of July doesn't come until another post! But let's just start off by saying this . . . Who would have thought that the most sun and sunburnt I'd get all summer would have been in Washington!?!

Let's start from the beginning . . . Once upon a time I was born . . . ok, not that far back; let's just start with the beginning of the trip! I flew up to WA the Tuesday before the 4th of July (so June 30th). Nothing really eventful about the trip up there, hopped the plane, grabbed the driver, ferried over and drove home with my mom. Does anyone else think it's funny that to get from my house to my parents house I have to take a car, a plane, another car, a ferry, and a third car; and I still say that there way nothing eventful about getting there!?! Said some hellos and goodnights to my parents and then headed off to bed.
My Festive "Room Drop"
(Tim these are the orginal glasses that came with the t-shirt you sent me for my birthday the year you were living in Fiji; the t-shirt from Old Navy!)

Wednesday the fun began; Wednesday was mommy and me day! I say this because the rest of the trip there were lots of comings and goings, and on Monday as I was packing to leave my mom said, " it's a good thing we had Wednesday together otherwise I would have felt like I didn't see you the whole time." Now realize that she uttered some very similar words back when I visited her in April (as I was packing to leave); " I feel like I haven't even talked to you the whole time you've been here." Apparently my parents new house is all the rage because there are a lot of people stopping through to check it out!

Ok, ok, back to Wednesday. Mom and I started the day by making a list of our shopping needs for the weekends festivities to come (we both enjoy making lists)! Once the lists were complete we headed out for a lovely walk along a trail which took us to the ocean; about 5 miles round trip! It was a nice walk, but on one leg I had some issues; I was convinced a tree was going to fall on us (it was leaning and making a lot of noises), I got something in my shoe and the icing on the cake was that a bug flew straight to the back of my throat!!! After our walk we went to the movies; saw My Sister's Keeper and enjoyed sharing some popcorn and a tasty sandwich! Once our eyes were dry, we headed off to get mani's and pedi's; one of our favorite girly activities! We rounded out the day by doing all the shopping, picking Bill up from the ferry and enjoying a tasty bbq'd dinner!

Thursday morning, Mom and I hopped the ferry over to Seattle to meet Courtney who was coming to enjoy the weekend of funness with us. Mom so kindly took Court's stuff back to Bainbridge, and Court and I headed off to enjoy what the city had to offer us for a Thursday . . . Beautiful weather and lots of fun. Cout was actually born in Seattle but hasn't been back in like 20 years. We scoped out Pikes Place, the Public Market, and the Hmong Flower Mart.
Throwing a Crab
Hmong Flower Mart
Us Girls at Public Market
We then headed off to the Space Needle and up we went. It was a beautiful day out and very clear so we got an unobstructed 360 view from the top! We were pretty hungry once we came down so we took the monorail back (oh we rode it both ways) and ate at a little pub overlooking Public Market.
Street Performer at Space Needle
Space Needle Looking Down
View from our Table
We took the ferry back over to Bainbridge and took the bus from there to my parents. (my mom had taken the car over to Seattle side for an appointment. We were like ships in the night; or ferries in the day, whichever you prefer). After that we spent the rest of the day hanging out with Bill's sister and Co. and Grandma. Court fell asleep pretty early and was out until the next morning. It kind of freaked my mom out because she's apparently never seen anyone sleep as hard as Court can; it really is an art ;)

Friday; what did Friday hold for us???? Oh, I remember. Friday we met up with Bills family for a late breakfast and then some good old fashioned fun hanging around the dollar store!!! Mom, Bill, Court and I rode our bikes (with me grumbling and complaining because I realized that I'm not really a huge fan of bike riding, it's been like 5 years since I've been on a bike. But umm, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who has been suggesting a bike ride for a while!) down to the harbor where we rented kayaks and tooled (mom's word for that day) around for about an hour. It was a blast to go around and check out all the boats and see island life from on the water! We all really enjoyed it! Stopped at Blackbird for toast on the way back home.
Court Getting in/Bill Waiting
She Looks Like She's About to Jet Off
Mom and Bill
The Ferry with the Space Needle Behind it
Court Kayaking
Friday night we made homemade tacos for dinner; we made the mini corn tortillas, salsa, and all the other good stuff for a little mexican feast! Super tasty, we always enjoy cooking together and having a "fresh" meal; everyone participated! The rest of the night was spent on 4th of July food prep which kept us up rather late; no surprise there.
Our Dinner Display

to be continued . . .


Timbra said...

finally a new blog from you. . . too far overdue, esp since i know you're up to stuff you're not talking about!!! you better get the rest of your 4th posts in, otherwise before you know it clem will be here and you'll have to be blogging about that :) yes. . i know. . i blog A LOT every day. . but I just do one day at a time. . . my brain can't remember more than one day at a time these days anyway :) Sounds like a fun trip so far!

taylorchloejake said...

That looks like the best holiday ever! You guys know how to have a good time. :)