July 21, 2009

Actual 4th of July Post

**Ok, I must confess that part of the reason I'm so unmotivated to blog these days is because the photos are very difficult to load. I'm holding out until September to upgrade my operating system; at which point photos will hopefully be much easier to load!

Anyway, back to the good stuff. 4th of July was a blast!! We started out the day on a "Fun Run" which was a 5k that our group managed to finish last in. Bill and Ben came in dead last and it came down to the photo finish . . . .

Ben it is! After the adult "Fun Run" the kids had a kids dash they could participate in; unfortunately we missed it, so us "Big Kids" partook in some silly races with them; galloping, skipping, running, and sideways running!!!

Bill is getting beat by Aden and Lauren is skipping along

Breakfast at Doc's . . . where else!?!
We checked out the Classic cars at the car show, and happened to be next to two cars while their owners got trophies!

This guy won Most Original
This guy won something like "For the Love of the Hobby"
We picked our place to watch the parade, and then I had to traverse parade watchers (and the parade itself at time) to meet up with Kevin. We then walked back by everything (there were parts of the parade I saw 3 times!) to get back to everyone. The parade was awesome; one of the best ones I've seen; except it was rather warm out and it kept going on and on and on.

Not even a 5th of the Crowd!

Blues Brothers
My Favorite Float/Group

Found my Family Again
Finally right before it started winding down our group headed off in search of some froze lemonades (how much more all American can you get!) on our way to the Limerick readings. (Back Story . . . Mom and Bill won a contest for a Limerick reading back in March and they, along with others, were asked to read their limericks at the 4th of July event. The one they got Editor's Choice for was great, but neither felt it was their best one, so Bill decided he'd do a bate and switch and read a different one instead. We all thought he'd chicken out, but . . . . he did it!!!!) Bill read the "best" limerick which made us all laugh!!!!

After that we all headed home to freshen up and prep for the big bbq and get tattooed!
Watermelon Time
Tattoo Time
Katie on the shoulder/Ben on the forearm (Ben's says "Superstar")
Lauren on the arm
Mom's goes with the classic shoulder look
Bill Sporting the Calf tat
Court rock'n the behind the ear
Mine was incognito
Mom's friend Katie was most daring of all; the cheek tattoo
The evening was spent with good company, great food and an amazing view of fireworks around the sound. There were some people right down the shore lighting off some fireworks that are "commercial" grade; so it was an impressive close up show! We could see fireworks going off all around the sound; I'd say there were at least 10 to 15 different shows we could see!!! They too kept going and going and going into the wee hours of the night!

Master of the Grill (Luke is offering his assistance)
Enjoying the company and the view
Dinner Spread
Enjoying the food
Red, White, and Blue Dessert Spread
Fireworks Time
Passing the 3-D glasses around

We finished out the night with a bang. . . . Brian Regan of course!