May 1, 2012

Cupcakes for the Colonel

Today I had what I feel like is my first duty as a wife and an officer's wife at that.  My husband's CO is coming to his office tomorrow to "check-in" after getting back from deployment and I'm making the cupcakes (instead of the donuts Dennis was going to pick up on the way).  It's a very exciting moment for me because all my life I've wanted to be a wife and homemaker, and this is my first real chance since we've been married.  I think it feels like an even bigger moment because now I'm not working, so at this point in my life I really am simply a wife and homemaker!!!

The ironic part is, I'm making the cupcakes I've made dozens of times; I made a double batch because we have an event this evening the we're taking a dessert to, and on the second batch I left the eggs out ... I never leave the eggs out!!!  I was a bit perplexed as to why the batter seemed thicker in the second batch, and was even more perplexed when I looked in the sink after the cupcakes were done backing and saw 2 eggs just sitting there. Needless to say, the eggless cupcakes are going to an event tonight; nothing but the best for my husband and the Colonel!

*Update; I wrote this post Sunday night, since then I've decided that they eggless cupcakes will now be considered the "low calorie" cupcakes due to the fact that they save you roughly 5.5 calories a cupcake!


Renee said...

such a fun new time! hope your mad home making skills were appriciated, eggs or not. :) p.s. the font on your blog is really dark & hard to read :S

Timbra said...

this story was so funny and so very much something i would do. . .glad that the colonel got the good cupcakes! maybe you could get a job as a military cupcake mama :)