May 4, 2012

From Home to Investment Property in 2 Months

We are so blessed to be homeowners; but within less than 8 weeks of getting married this house is quickly transitioning from being our first home to being an "investment property." We never really intended to have a house as an investment property, but thanks to the housing market it's what we've got, and what we'll probably have for the next 8-10 years!  

It's all foreign territory to me; I've never owned a home and now here I am, not even settled in and I'm already dealing with property managers and all things involved in renting a house out.  As I write this I sit and wait for the property manager to come photograph the house and put the "For Rent" sign in the yard.  We'll be going over the list of things that need to be done to the house to have it rental ready, etc.  I'm the lucky one tasked with this assignment since I'm the lucky one who isn't working right now (first lucky sarcastic, second one not in the slightest!)  

I'm itching to really set up a home for Dennis and I, and it's a slight form torture that I cannot do it in our current home; ok, I could but what's the point, we're moving in 2 weeks.  So needless to say, during all this exciting transition and adventure, what I'm really looking forward to is having a home we can be settled in for a good long 4 years!

Our first home will always be our first home no matter what the years bring for us or for this house; and I'll always cherish the memories and moments spent in our home.


Timbra said...

i hope your itch is now being scratched, with your new place. . . can't wait to come see it. and you guys have been so blessed with finding renters easily, finding a new home easily, sounds like your transitions are going to be smooth. . .