November 1, 2007

"Halloween Halloween . . .

Trick-or-treat, our costumes can't be beat." Oh, sorry had a little Dora the Explorer stuck in my head there for a minute! (which by the way they are not tricking me, I know Dora does not rhyme with Explorer, though they try)

So halloween came and went, it was lots of fun and lots of tasty treats, of course!! I went to the CAYP party and had a blast. I went as a Rubik's cube, and had a costume change half way through the night to a cowgirl, the cube was too hard to wear all night, I couldn't do much while in it. When trying the final cube costume on about half hour before the party I found myself stuck in it when I tried to get it off and started to panic. I thought I'd have to destroy it to make it out alive which would have sucked because I spent to much time on it to destroy it 30 minutes before the party. But have no fear, I made it out alive; I'm not still sporting it! But the next time I needed out I got assistance.

There were some great costumes there. These would be the 4 dominos. There were also crazy sports fans, Charlie and his angles, a gum-ball machine. Richard Simons made an appearance; we were graced with the presence of an Alaskan Wilderness Serial Killer, and of course you saw our punk rock fairy (Courtney). A few friendly pirates, some gipsya a pregnant lady, a bride and many more!
Tuesday night I went over to Alison's to help prep for the part and we had good times decorating, cooking and laughing while getting ready. And last night we had good times, eating, playing games and laughing while enjoying great company! Both nights I made it home after midnight, and I think we spent more time prepping for the party than the length of the party, but who cares it was all so much fun!!
I'm so lucky to have made some really great friends who I can have fun with and do silly things with!
Coming up next . . . How to Make a Rubik's Cube


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

oops, i read this last night and then realized today that for whatever reason i had yet to write a little commenteeto! love the costume, i was anxious to see it in all it's glory. it looks great! looked like a fun party. ain't no party like west coast party (except apparently a scranton party. . see for reference) love ya!

Anonymous said...

Cute rubiks cube! I just told timbra this--but seriously-your family is so creative! You guys are the craftiest peeps on the planet. Miss you! Oh, Im not coming home at the holidays this year...Im sad to not be able to hang out with ya, but I have alot going on in december, and I really have to stick around for it all. I want to talk to you though! SOON!

Grannie Annie said...

You rock! I love the costume and all its creativity. I think I said "you rock," about something else you did recently. That must mean you are pretty special...tis true.