December 15, 2007

And One More Makes Four

Normally I don't like to post more then one post a day but I had all these blogs that needed to be taken care of so I just went to town. If your starting with this one, which you probably are, I've post 3 before this, so make sure not to miss out on those ones.

Last night was the CAYP Christmas party, it was a blast. We had great games, great crafts, great food (normally I don't call my food great, but I've got a theme going here), and great company! There was snow, rapping, unwrapping, cards, drawing and cutting. All in all a very festive event.

I was up until 4 on Thursday night baking and getting ready for the party, Courtney was my lifesaver and did pretty much all my frosting for me (reference the fire/frosting). She was a trooper despite the fact that she had to be up and out of the apartment at 5:15 Friday morning so she could go to San Diego on a mission trip.

For our white elephant gift exchange we decided that everyone needed to bring a non-new gift wrapped in a brown paper bag and we had a prize for most creative and laziest. Most of the gifts I wrapped were bag style in their own way. Isaac came and riffled through my closet to find a few gifts/prizes. One gem he found was a magnet frame with a picture of the "Rock" in it, thus I wrapped it in a Flavor that's Rare bag!!!

Oh the memories!


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

ooh, the brown bags were a good idea. we had a white elephant on friday, mike stayed home with sick alani, but i'm happy to say i'm now the proud owner of a pink barbie lunchbox with a water bottle and coupons for both a barbie toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as barbie bandaids. . . at one point, i had a cute fleece blanket with penguins on it, but that was the hot item of the eve. . . being #2 to pick, i didn't stand a chance! please send 1 dozen frosted cookies to my door!!!! love you

kim said...

i LOVE pushing daisies!! it's the absolute best show on this season. actually i gave up all of my other shows greys, desp housewives, etc. all for pushing daisies and samantha who.

i just read about your car accident, sorry :( have you got your car back? did you write that and i missed it? anyway, i hope things are going well for you now and Merry Christmas!