January 7, 2008

Another day, Another party

I'll attempt the short version of my past week, so if you want a detailed account of events including pictures you can get that on my sister's blog www.wii3mcfamily.blogspot.com. I'm not quite as long winded as she is, and I lost count of the number of events/parties half way through the week, I think total I only counted 6 parties but she's counted 9 or something insane like that because that's more than one party a day. Anyway here's a week in review;

Timbra and Alani flew in Saturday morning; they were the first passengers in my newly improved car, I was so excited to have it back and so excited to have Timbra and Alani out. On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's for the necessities, I think I had like 4 things in my fridge before that. In an attempt to make some super tasty grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch I managed to slice my finger on my favorite knife; it's still in the process of healing. Timbra had to play doctor, but have no fear, I pressed on and finished my sandwiches! That was good times!! Oh, here's another one for you. For those of you who know me, being sticky is not my favorite thing in the world to put it nicely. Alani found the basket of candy canes and just had to have one. After she ate it she proceeded to go around the house sticking things up! Later when we were getting ready for the wedding I noticed a red hand print on my wall, it was clearly the mark of the candy cane monster!! We headed to Tim and Alisa's wedding and then down to the bay area to spend the night with our step-mom.

Sunday: we headed out to a late brunch for "just the girls" for Di's 50th birthday, little did she know we had planned a surprise brunch including all her friends and family. She was very surprised and overwhelmed that we would do such a special thing for her. It turned out really well and despite seeing so many people before hand she had no idea. Later that night we went to dinner at the Elephant Bar, a place I've been wanting to go to for quite some time (One time I told my mom I wanted to go there a few years ago and she laughed at me because she thought it was just a bar!). It was a pretty cool place. After we got back, it was time for me to head home, some of us have to work! On the way home I saw a horrific car fire, I took a picture of it, and as ashamed as I am to have taken the picture because I like to think of myself of not being that kind of person, my camera was right there and I just had to, the traffic was pretty much stopped so I wasn't holding anyone up.
Monday: I had to work while the girls were all off having fun. I came home after work and set straight to work on making a super tasty last meal for 2007! I was very excited to get the opportunity to make dinner because usually when everyone's here we end up going out to eat. Di and Timbra and Alani went to pick up Mike from the airport and then they all headed over. We had dinner and then did our Christmas with Diana. After that it was time for our extra special dessert and celebration of the New Year.Tuesday : The fist of the year is traditionally a day to relax and enjoy good company, good times and good laughs. That's just what we did. I set to work making a brunch for everyone dwelling in my apartment and then headed over to Isaac's house, he and his mom were so generous to open their house for some fun times playing board games. Apples to apples was the big game of the day, and we made up or own version at one point which brought some extra laughs and questions. All I remember from those games was that I won one, Mike won two, and there was something to do with first kisses and leaches, which reminds me I need to ask Isaac about that one! Somehow I was on two loosing teams of Cranium, which is not my typical M.O. when it comes to that game, but there will be a rematch come May, I'll make sure of that! After many hours of game playing we came home and Timbra made tamales while we watched Charlotte's Web.

Wednesday: was P day. First off I had to work so Timbra and Alani met up with us and we took the kids over to Funtastic the place of Fantastic Fun, ok those are all F's but I'm getting to the P's! It was play day after all! Aden was too proud to sit in the middle between the girls and claimed it was like he was on a rocket ship, but then decided it was like a jet/airplane where there were 3 seats and he was sitting in the middle, but sometimes he likes to sit by the window! After work that day Mike made his famous pizza and we had potato chips as a snack, watched Pirates 3 and drank Pepsi's, it was a regular party!

Thursday: I was once again working and was met later by Timbra and Alani, Alani was going to have a play date with the kids while Timbra and I were throwing Jewel her bachelorette party, it was very fun to spend a night out with the girls. After dinner everyone come over to my super clean apartment, cleaned by none other than my awesome sister (she should come out more often!). We had some tasty desserts and got to hear/tell some fun stories about Steve and Jewel!

Friday: No work today, yeah! We worked on getting the church ready for the big wedding, part of the day with power and part without. Of course the girls all had to take some time out to get fancy nails and toes, me and Timbra tagged along to that part just because we could! I would say the highlight for me that day was when I had to catch 42 tiny goldfish using a cut water bottle and a flashlight, quite the adventure, especially because at one point or another I had to apologize to each fish for either accidently squishing it or for catching and traumatizing it. Don't worry they all lived at least until after the wedding, I'm not quite sure what happened after that? Oh, and at just about 10 I picked up my parents from the airport!

Saturday: was another day full of adventure. A few exciting things happened. On my way up the hill to get my hair done and have brunch with mom and Bill and Ben and Katie and the kids, I passed a downed tree in the middle of the road and I hit 100,000 miles on my car (another blog to come!). Timbra brought Alani up for us to watch while she did wedding pictures and for the first time all week she choose me over anyone else in the room, a very big moment in our relationship! Mom and Bill watched her in the car while she slept and I went in to witness the biggest event of 2008, Steve getting married to Jewel! After that mom and Bill brought Alani into the reception and we got to visit and catch up with lots of people! Later that night we had a nice family dinner at Cattleman's and then came back to my apartment for Mike and Timbra's Christmas with my parents.

Sunday: was church and then a very interesting lunch with Mom, Bill, Timbra, MIke, Alani, Ben, Katie, Aden and Lauren. A lunch that resulted in Timbra, Mike and I eating ours in the car on the way to the airport. I dropped them off and headed up to Ben and Katie's for round two of my airport shuttle services. I took my parents to the airport just a few short hours later, and then there was just one (me) home alone in the peace and quite.

It was a whirlwind week, but oh so much fun, many memories made, and many adventures accomplished, all of that and in the end it was only January 7th, how crazy is that!! It was fun to have all my family out and for me to get to host a few events at my apartment, some involving the Christmas cube (my rubik's cube halloween costume served as a Christmas tree a few times)

My attempt at a short blog was not so successful, but if you still feel like your missing out on something head over to my sister's blog (here!). Please excuse the lack of pictures, my camera was dead pretty much all week, but I took some on my sisters camera so I get like 1/4 the credit there!


Timbra Wiist Owner/Photographer said...

nice synopsis sister! see, i'm glad i left out a few details (shocking i know) so that you had some new stories to share along the way! where's that picture of the car fire? and can't wait to see 100,000 on the odometer! love ya